We often neglect the lawn area of our house, but it’s the most important part where children play all the time, and most of your family conversations happen. Taking good care of it is crucial. Maintaining your lawn will keep the grass healthy and prevent bare spots and dreaded brown from forming. Making a few smart changes to how you water, mow and fertilize your lawn can bring noticeable results. Wondering how you can get a lush, green, and healthy lawn? Below we have shared some tips on how you can keep your lawn healthy.

How to Maintain a Healthy Lawn

#Tip 1: Mowing

All you need is a lawn mower to keep your lawn trim and tidy. It’s a type of gardening equipment that helps you cut the extra grass off your lawn area. The kind of mower you need will depend on the size of your lawn. An old-fashioned reel mower can be a great option for a small and urban lawn. However, if you have a larger lawn area, your best pick might be electric push mowers, as they trim a large area on one charge and are easy to handle. A string trimmer would be an ideal option for areas that a mower can’t reach. Well, whatever you choose, the point is to regularly trim your grass and maintain its value.

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#Tip 2: Your Lawn Needs Watering

This point goes without saying. If you have natural grass in your lawn area, it is vital to water your lawn deeply and less often. Using your sprinkler just for a few minutes a few times a week won’t be much useful. Instead, aim at deeply watering your lawn and infrequently as it allows the roots of the grass to grow deeper down into the soil, which in turn promotes the healthy growth of grass during hot and dry weather. If you don’t have time to look after your lawn, you can also hire lawn care services to ensure that the value of your lawn doesn’t go down. You can simply search ‘best lawn care near me’ to get some good recommendations and hire a team as per your judgment.

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#Tip 3: Using Fertilizers Is Important

Using natural fertilizers is a key component of a healthy lawn. Even studies suggest that natural fertilizers are better than synthetic fertilizers for greener lawns. Moreover, natural fertilizers are healthy for your surroundings and the environment. Now deciding the right time to fertilize your lawn will depend upon the type of grass you are growing and in which season. For instance, cool-season grasses should be fertilized in the spring, and warm-season grasses should be fertilized in the fall and spring seasons.

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The Bottom Line

Well, there are a lot of other ways you can maintain a healthy lawn. Again, if you can’t keep up with its regular maintenance, make sure you contact a local lawn care service and get all the necessary work done for your lawn. Since you have spent so much in building your dream house, do not let anything degrade its value.