Carpets are those tricky design features that can either make or ruin the aesthetic of a well-designed interior. Whilst they may be soft on foot, well-worn or dirty carpets can be a real eyesore. This being said, there are several ways to spruce up your carpets to create a  jaw-dropping interior. From deep cleans to accessorising there are endless ways to bring dull and tired carpets back to life.

How to Improve the Aesthetic of Bad Carpets

Deep Clean

Have you ever noticed that your carpets look tired, dull, and well-worn? This could be a sign that they need a deep clean. Bacteria and dust can build up in carpets over time, which can have a detrimental effect on your health. It is, therefore, encouraged to clean them every six months. Whilst this is a great way to improve your health and wellbeing, it also gives you a chance to pump life back into your space. A professional service from this carpet cleaning Wimbledon company offers efficient and reliable deep carpet clean.

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Add Rugs

Whilst a deep clean is essential for any carpet every six months, there are other ways to bring fun aesthetics into your space. Carpets inevitably suffer from wear and tear, especially those in the most well-trodden areas of your home. Large area rugs can be a great design detail since they can cover up any worn carpets and add colour to a room. They add cushioning to protect areas of your carpet that are wearing away and offer an extra layer of warmth in the winter months. Make sure you consider different design features before purchasing an area rug, for example, size, colour, and layering.

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Change the Colour of Your Walls

Bad carpet can be exacerbated by the colour of our walls. This is a good reason to make that colour change you have always wanted. By adding an accent colour to your walls, you can detract from a dull or unattractive carpet. Be careful in your choice and make sure that the colours match. Oftentimes, very bright wall colours can bring out the worst in a carpet. Nevertheless, bright colours and a gorgeous area rug can be the perfect antidote to an unsightly or bad carpet.

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Carpet Rake

Even the most exciting paint job won’t brighten up an old carpet. They can persist to look flat, dull, and worn out. A carpet rake is a great tool to have at home in the moments between deep cleans. They help to revitalise your carpet, be freeing matted, dust, and dirt that may have sunk into your carpet over time.

Move Your Furniture

An often forgotten panacea to bad carpets is the furniture in the same room. By moving and redesigning a room, you can use your furniture to cover up old and unsightly areas of the carpet. Don’t forget to pull this trick out of your roster. A sofa is a perfect way to cover that immovable stain. Similarly, bright modern furniture will detract from the old and discoloured carpet.

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