Putting in a new kitchen is a big deal. Not only will your new kitchen design be a cornerstone element of your home décor, but it’ll also need to offer the functionality and durability you need for long-term everyday use. On top of that, a new kitchen installation tends to cost a fair bit, too.

With those factors in mind, it makes a lot of sense to go for a timeless design with your new kitchen with the help of a company like Rittenhouse Home. Something that’s built to last not only in terms of aesthetic but practical value, too. Here are six ways you can achieve that timeless look.

How to design a timeless kitchen

Opt for neutrality

While you’ll no doubt want to inject a sense of your personality into your kitchen design, timeless kitchens aren’t decorated in lavish colours and ‘out there’ aesthetics. Instead, a classic kitchen will utilise neutral colours – think your greys, creams, beiges and subtler greens and blues – colours that stand the test of time, no matter the flavour of the week.

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Keep your cabinets classy

Simple and minimalist is the way to go with your kitchen cabinetry – that’s the definition of the shaker kitchen. Traditional shaker cabinets give you a classic look and dependable choice, utilising flat centre panels and limited decoration and ornamentation to offer a no-fuss air of quality throughout your design.

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Let the light in

Light, airy kitchen layouts never go out of style, nor does filling your kitchen space with as much natural light as possible. Whether you’re looking to add a sense of space to a relatively compact room or just want to feel the warmth of sunlight pouring into the kitchen in the morning, using glass doors and big windows is a great way to give your kitchen an eternal sense of bliss.

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Plan your layout carefully

A good layout is a key to longevity, so planning your new kitchen build to be efficient and practical as well as stylish is essential. The main focus of your plans should be to get the kitchen triangle – that being the circuit of the sink, oven and fridge – installed, as that will create the most optimal flow for the rest of the kitchen design.

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Mix fitted and freestanding furniture

One of the biggest decisions you’ll have in the foundations of your kitchen design is whether to go fitted or freestanding with your furniture. You can, in fact, go for a mix of both, coupling the space-maximising benefit of fitted furniture with the more flexible design approach of freestanding features to give your kitchen more appeal over a longer period.

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Install countertops that will last

Your countertops will arguably see the most work out of any fixture in your kitchen – and not just from a practical perspective. To get true durability from your countertops – particularly in a timeless kitchen design – you’ll need them to carry lasting visual value, too.

Materials that offer a balance of practical and aesthetic durability include quartz, granite, timber and marble, all of which will offer a classy design fixture – as long as you keep the colours relatively neutral.

With new kitchen installations coming at a significant cost, it makes sense to make your new design as timeless as it can be. By picking the right materials, planning the layout well and making smart aesthetic choices that you know carry long-term worth, you’ll see great value from your kitchen over the next decade at least.

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