For unknown reasons, the hall is often neglected. We do not pay much attention to its decor or furnishings and treat it as a second-class room. And yet, it is the first thing your guests will see after crossing the threshold. So, it’s worth making sure that it makes the best impression on them.

Functional but not boring

In the past, hallway furniture was supposed to be simply functional, which is why it was typically created according to the same boring pattern. Fortunately, those times have gone into oblivion and in stores, you will easily find not only functional but also interesting, high-quality furniture, which, thanks to modern design and colours, will be a perfect decoration for your hallway.

Of course, even the most stylish hallway should be practical, so before you start browsing through the offers, think about what and where you want to store. The possibilities are really many, and it all depends on your creativity.

A place where you can put your keys, gloves, or umbrella will certainly be practical – even a small table can be used for this purpose.

A seemingly ordinary wooden shoe rack at any time can become a flowerbed or a shelf where you can put a blanket after another family picnic.

In addition, a seat of modest size, a mirror, and a few accessories in your favourite retro, vintage or other style and … the hall is ready.

The hallway doesn't have to be boring! Choose stylish, high-quality furniture

High-quality furniture solo or in a set

In order for the hall to look elegant, the quality of furniture placed in it should be consistent. It is mainly up to you whether you choose separate elements or a ready-made furniture set.

By picking separate elements, you have more room to show off. You can play with the interior arrangement by placing individual parts in different places in the room. When shopping, however, you should pay attention to the fact that the furniture does not differ from each other stylistically and in terms of colour – and this can be quite a challenge.

Furniture sets, such as those available at Dako Furniture, are an extremely convenient solution. By choosing this solution, you save time and nerves because you do not have to stress about searching for matching elements. Be careful, however, because not always what is functional is also practical; if you select a combined module (e.g. cabinet + hanger + seat) you will not be able to separate the individual elements.

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The importance of the size of the hall

Most often, the hall is associated with a small, even claustrophobic room. In this case, you do not have much room to show off, which of course does not mean that you cannot put any furniture in it. Even a small hall can successfully fulfil its purpose – however, you must pay attention to the fact that the quality furniture placed in it is as functional as possible (e.g. a shoe cabinet with a comfortable seat).

You can even treat a large hall as an extra room and place a small table and chairs or a small sofa in it. It will also be a great idea to put a large wardrobe with sliding doors in it, which will provide you with additional storage space, e.g. for outerwear.

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