Choosing the right boiler is an important decision that should be taken carefully because this is a critical piece of equipment that is essential to ensure basic living conditions at home, especially during winters. There are several types of boilers available in the market, which are all good performers if used for their intended use cases. If not selected properly, an expensive boiler may just bring more trouble than convenience. Below are some of the most fundamental things to consider while choosing the best boiler for your home.

  • Fuel type
  • Energy efficiency
  • Space availability
  • Usage type and level

Different types of boilers

Depending on your requirements as listed above, there are three different types of boilers available in the market. They are generally termed as, Conventional Boilers, System Boilers, and Combi Boilers. Let us take a closer look at all these three different types of boilers to help you decide the best one for your needs. Conventional boilers are the oldest systems that take up a lot of space with their dedicated hot and cold water cylinders in the loft of your house.

Conventional boilers are also the ones with the most complex installation process. System boilers are a simpler version of the conventional boilers that need only one cylinder to keep the hot water and no requirement for a cold water cylinder. Finally, there are the Combi boilers, which require the least amount of space and installation as they don’t need a cylinder at all to store hot or cold water. You can check out a good boiler vendor at to know to find out more about this modern boiler type.

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Which boiler to choose

Now let’s discuss which one should you choose. If you have a big family living in a big house with several bathrooms then you should go for the conventional boiler as they are suitable for heavy-duty usage of this type. Also, if you are replacing an old boiler in a house already fitted with a conventional boiler system, it is wise to stick to the same. Then, if you have a small family in a new medium to small size house, you can choose to install a System boiler.

Prolong the Life of Your Boiler
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A System boiler is still somewhat heavy-duty but with the simplicity of having only one cylinder, just for hot water. System boiler draws cold water from the mainline and stores the hot water in its cylinder. Installation of system boiler is simpler compared to Conventional boiler. Finally, the third and most modern type of boiler is called the Combi boiler. These boilers have a very small footprint and are suitable for one bathroom house. Combi boilers are ideal for bachelors or small families. Before purchasing one, best that you research ahead to find out what is the best combi boiler for your home.

Final thoughts

Boilers are one of your long-term investments. A good quality boiler often lasts up to 15 years if it is installed and maintained properly. Hence, when choosing a boiler you should also keep your future house expansion plan on your mind. Apart from the installation expenses, changing a broken boiler or retrofitting an existing boiler is time-consuming and inconvenient. That is why you should take your time, shop around and decide carefully on the type of boiler that suits your home the most.

How to Choose the Best Boiler for Your Home