It’s something most of us have done – or will do at some point but that doesn’t mean moving house isn’t still a big deal. In fact, for many people, moving house is one of the most stressful life events. So if you know someone who has moved recently and you find yourself invited to their housewarming party, here are some great housewarming gift ideas to congratulate them on their new place and show that you care.

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Potted Money Tree

Houseplants are an excellent and traditional housewarming gift but what if your friend isn’t particularly green-fingered? You don’t want to gift them something fussy that will immediately die. Likewise, if they have children or pets, you’ll want to be sure that the plant is non-toxic.

A potted money tree is a brilliant choice for a housewarming present as it’s pet-friendly and resilient. As an added bonus, legend has it, that it will also encourage wealth and good fortune for its owner too! Choose a pot colour to match your friend’s new interior or if you haven’t seen their colour scheme yet, opt for something neutral that will easily blend in with their new décor.

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Food and Drink

When it comes to housewarming gifts, you can’t go wrong with food and drink. A hamper of your friend’s favourite nibbles or a case of craft lager beers will be the ideal treat, and they can either enjoy them there and then on the night or save them for later to eat or drink when they’re unpacking!

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Candles or a Diffuser

One of the first things you notice about a home is the smell and when you first move in, your new place might not smell like it’s your own. That’s why a scented candle or diffuser makes a good housewarming present. Not only will it banish any unwanted smells like paint fumes but the aroma will help make the place feel more like home for your friend. The great thing about this gift is that there’s an option for every budget, from simply scented tealights to expensive designer candles and everything in-between.

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Tea Towels

Not the most glamorous gift on the list, admittedly but fresh tea towels are a welcome addition to any home and make a practical housewarming gift for a friend who is just starting out in their own place. Choose a design you think they’ll love or that will go with their new kitchen decor.

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A Woven Basket

Storage is something many people struggle with as sometimes there just isn’t enough of it! A stylish woven basket is a great way to store essential items like blankets, bedding and bathroom towels if your friend’s new home doesn’t have an airing cupboard or built-in storage. Plus, it will make the place look and feel more homely, too.

Housewarming Gift Ideas

Personalised Prints

When you first move into a new place one of the things that can help it feel like home is hanging pictures on the wall. That’s why personalised prints make an excellent choice for a housewarming present. They’re a unique and thoughtful gift for a friend who has just moved house and they’re sure to be especially grateful if the print is already framed and ready to hang!

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