Antique Beds

Romantic, Elegant, Timeless

There’s something mysterious about the antique bed because you can’t help but wonder who’s slept in there before you, not on the same mattress obviously, and what kind of life did they lead? These beds are now so popular that modern replica’s, old in style only, are continually being made but what sets an antique style bed apart from the rest and why should you want one?

Flawless Craftsmanship

It’s common knowledge that years ago if something broke, or was damaged in some way you couldn’t just order a replacement online. Instead, you had to fix it yourself. Furniture especially was designed to last, employing master artisans to create fabulously intricate pieces that would stand the test of time. Often, bespoke and specialist bedmakers of revival beds will still use traditional techniques, certain woods and trade secret skills. Years of expert knowledge have helped to produce excellent quality furniture that, unlike metal and plastic beds, really will last a lifetime.

Wonderful Wood

Wood is a great material to work with as it is strong, yet at the same time easily cut. You may find you have a better night’s rest sleeping on a mattress on a wooden frame than a metal one as the lumps and bumps have been smoothed out. Wood is also a natural resource, and unlike plastic, it rots away over time, can be burned for fuel or even taken apart to create something else. By purchasing a wooden bed, you are not only treating yourself but also helping the environment, not to mention buying something that is guaranteed to be free of funny smells, nasty sharp corners and cheap plastic fastened slats.

Gorgeous Vintage Glamour

Many movies love showing off the hero, or heroines living space because the audience just wants to know that underneath all the chaos, car chases and costumes they are ordinary people. Our bedroom is where we are most at home and it’s often a reflection of our personality, an insight into our psyche from what we decide to have on display. An antique bed adds glitz to your space, invoking memories of yesteryear and how life must have been for ladies in the roaring 20’s or indeed in Victorian society. It’s a real, tangible and fashion-forward piece of history that expresses its personality as much as it does yours.  For extra flair why not drape coloured scarves around your four-poster, add a cute trunk or vintage suitcase to the foot of a sleigh bed or customise the headboard on a traditional Windsor?

Let Your Bed Lead The Furniture

Your antique bed really should be the focal point of the room but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun with your other furniture, firstly look at the colour of the wood your bed is made out of. Is it light or dark wood? A beech, mahogany or maple? Are there any knots in the overall design or is it all quite uniform? You’ll want to collect bedroom pieces that are similar to the bed, only one or two in the same period or it’ll look a bit samey and those that complement each other. Feel free to jazz up existing furniture by painting cupboards, reupholstering chairs and upcycling nightstands.