As one season fades into another, you can be surprised by just how overgrown and shabby the garden looks. Too much sun or too much rain can wreak havoc with your plants. If it’s been windy, you may have a lot of debris and leaves to clean up. And you may have a lot of garden maintenance to consider too. Taking care of a garden is never going to be an easy job. But when you’ve decided enough is enough, what does it take to fix up your garden again?

There are lots of reasons for completely redesigning your garden. You may have just moved into the property. Or maybe you’re looking to increase the value of the property. New kids or new pets will also demand their own space in your garden. Whatever you’ve got there now, imagine what it could be like if you ripped it all out and started again. What would you put in? How would it look? And what would you use it all for?

Multi-purpose gardens are very popular these days. Busy lives mean we want to maximise the time we have at home to relax. And when the weather is good we want to be outside enjoying it. Fixing up a garden from scratch is the easiest way to start. But if you have plenty of great features already installed, why not consider treating the wood and paving to a new stain colour? This can instantly lift the whole garden, creating a stylish, fresh space.

Fix Up Your Garden

Of course, if you are starting again, you’ll need to clarify what is there. Before you decide to shift everything you have in your car boot, consider the weight and mess of it. A skip may be a more expensive option, but it will save the car from needing a serious valet. Cutting down shrubs and digging out the roots is physically demanding. Work slowly with plenty of water breaks in the heat. If you’re prone to ache muscles, try a few exercise warm-ups before you start.

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Powered garden tools will always be the easiest option. Use safety goggles and steel toe capped shoes for safety. Heavy-duty garden or builder gloves are best. Once the garden is clear, you’ll be able to sketch out your new garden more easily. Try to level it as much as you can. Decking or patio areas are great for dining. They will need to be at least 2.5m square to fit most dining sets. This includes Rattan sets and gazebos. You could use garden sleepers for steps leading up to the dining area.

Play areas for the kids are usually placed on a soft surface like the lawn. You could try playmats or even play bark. With toddlers, it might be safer to gate and fence the area. This will stop your dog from getting in there, or your toddler wandering off. Your garden perimeter fencing should also be secure and safe. There are maintenance-free fencing panels available which mean you won’t have to paint them every year. While it may be appealing to use artificial grass, there is some concern it may not be very environmentally friendly.

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Planting is a wonderful way to bring extra colour to your garden. If you’re not keen on caring for flower beds, why not plant in pots? They can then be moved around the colour as the different flowers bloom. They are less likely to suffer weeds and slugs too. You can even buy pots and hanging baskets ready-planted from supermarkets or garden centres.

You may enjoy tending to your garden a lot. It is possible to grow your own fruit and vegetables in even the tiniest of spaces. For example, strawberry plants can thrive in hanging baskets. And potatoes will survive a year in a large container before you need to replace the soil and clear it out. Tomatoes grow in bags that can be disposed of at the end of the growing season. And climbers like beans can make any fence or brick wall look more attractive.

Fixing up a garden may take a fair bit of work at first, especially if you need to clear it out. But once it is done you can create a wonderful low maintenance space. Or you might turn it into a play area for the kids or the dog. Or maybe, you’re looking for a little inner peace and calm with a beautiful Zen garden? Whatever design ideas you have, you can choose to undertake the work yourself or hire a landscaper.

Enjoy your gorgeous garden.

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