A new year on the horizon brings the perfect opportunity to give your home a trendy update. Looking ahead to 2023 the experts at Tapi Carpets have revealed the flooring trends set to be big in 2023.

From reducing your heating bills with a timeless wool carpet to adding a pop of personality through boldly patterned vinyl, Tapi’s Johanna Constantinou takes an in-depth look into how we could be styling our floors next year.

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Adding value to your interior using wool carpets

“Given the uncertainties of the economy and an increased desire for a feeling of sanctuary in our homes, we should see wool carpets become increasingly popular in 2023 due to their timeless look and exceptional heat retention properties.

“We’re seeing homeowners looking to add value to their existing homes, rather than relocating. Wool carpets provide a robust, durable option for those looking to install some comfort without compromising quality, so they’re perfect for achieving this.

“Not only this, but wool carpets are exceptional for retaining warmth and were used in British homes before central heating existed, although seen as a luxury. Now, these will be a fantastic option for those looking to reduce their heating bills.”

@alookinside25 – Cadiz Wool Carpet

2023 will be the year of colourful carpets

“There’s been a trend recently of ‘bringing the outside in’ (we’re seeing it being called ‘biophilia’). In line with this, bright, expressive colours resembling citrus and other naturally occurring bright colours will be ‘in’ next year for flooring.”

“Simultaneously, there is a growing desire to invest more into the home to create a relaxing sanctuary. Colours that will be popular include blues, greens, and golds – both in a calming context and a bold, botanical way.”

“We should see this in the form of carpets especially, although there are some whimsical vinyl options that would suit the biophilia trend.”

@luvmyabode – Marlow Blush Carpet

Herringbone is the perfect blend of the natural with an artistic finish

“Continuing on with the theme of incorporating nature in the home, natural wood effects, particularly with a herringbone pattern to add extra visual excitement, is perfect for 2023. This floor comes in the form of engineered wood, vinyl, LVT, and carpet, so there’s an option for every home.”

“Additionally, herringbone can really open up a room because of its pattern resembling a movement. We’re seeing a lot of interest in making the most of smaller spaces, so this floor is a strong contender for those looking to make a room look bigger.”

@countrylife_happywife – Concilio Delta LVT

Achieving ‘expensive on a budget’ with luxury vinyl tiles (LVT)

“While we may see interior design becoming bolder and more adventurous in 2023, this doesn’t mean people won’t consider durability, given the current state of the economy. Fortunately, LVT offer the best of both worlds! They’re water resistant and cushioned, making them accessible and practical.”

“LVT is becoming popular because people want to achieve the ‘expensive’ or natural look with hassle-free maintenance. These tiles are a great way of replicating the texture of the material it’s mimicking (such as wood, but without the need for prep/oiling), so we’re increasingly seeing these be used in adventurous interior design.”

@sjt_home_project – Kiri – Tawny Oak LVT

Patterned vinyl makes a statement

“Next year, we’ll see people injecting their personality into their homes more than ever. Along with the increase in popularity of bold, exciting patterns and colours, patterned vinyl will be the perfect way to turn any room into a statement.

“The styling opportunities are endless with patterned vinyl, and this will be an exciting concept for people who want to take their interiors to the next level.”

@poetryofdecor – Vie – Symmetry-Silver Vinyl Flooring