When they first started to emerge on the scenes it was believed that aluminium framed doors and windows were far inferior to their PVC counterparts. This may have been true at first, originally aluminium windows and doors were only available in a raw silver finish, compared to PVC which came in white or mock wood.

However, a lot has changed since then.

For one, design ideals have moved on,, and aluminium framed doors and windows are very much the height of design and style. And while you can still get them in their raw aluminium finish, most credible suppliers of aluminium framed doors and windows will of a customisation service which allows you to select one of a multitude of colours, so your doors and windows better suit your property.

As well as design, technology has moved on a great amount. With the introduction of better quality alloys and more refined manufacturing techniques the tensile strength of aluminium far outweighs that of PVC. This means that there can be less material used on each door and window, saving weight but also there will be less to interrupt the view.

Also, the construction techniques of aluminium make for a much cleaner finish. Again, high quality manufactures will mitre the seams making more a much neater join, then the plastic welded PVC counterparts.

Due to advancements in technology aluminium doors and windows no longer lag way behind PVC in terms of thermal insulation, in fact, with the right kind of glazing and correct infills they compare quite favourably. And where they lack in thermal insulation they make it up in longevity. Unlike PVC, aluminium does not corrode. They are also resistant to scratching, denting, scuffing and general weather.

This means that your aluminium windows will look like new for far longer than their PVC counter parts ever could.