Summer is the time of year when you can kick back and relax in the garden and enjoy the sunshine – or so you have always been led to believe. The milder and drier weather is the ideal opportunity to catch up on the list of jobs that you have been putting off since autumn. So, before you get the deck chairs out and find your book to read, here are some jobs that you really should do right now.

Winterproof the house

Having come out of the other side of a long winter, you will be more than aware of the draughts and leaks that the bad weather caused. Check your window frames and external wooden doors to see whether they need any repairs to reduce draughts. Once you have filled, sanded and painted them you will extend their life. If you are aware of leaks in your rook, now is the time to get them repaired before any long-lasting damage occurs.

Making sure that your home is draught and leak proof is essential maintenance and will help to keep heat in your home in winter. What’s more, buying a fireplace during the summer is a sound investment, meaning you’re ready to save money, while adding value to your home, when winter finally strikes at the end of the year.

Decorate Inside

You are desperate to be outside, but the dry and bright days are the ideal opportunities for redecorating your home. The quality of the daylight means that you are less likely to miss patches, and the dry air allows the paint to dry so much quicker than in the wet and damp weather. Throw open the windows and let the air circulate to speed up the drying time. While you’re at it, be sure to paint the outside of your home, too.

Check the guttering and roof

Summer is the ideal time to check your home’s guttering and roof. The drier days allow you to identify whether there are any damp walls that have been caused by neglected guttering. Summer provides the ideal growing condition for weeds in gutters, and so it is important that you remove any debris that collects. UV rays can cause damage to guttering and on some flat roof systems. Undertaking checks now can mean that you avoid costly repairs further down the line.

Clean out the garage

Summer is the ideal time to give your garage a good clean out and check for leaks, rodent and bird damage. Garages tend to be the dumping ground for anything that you no longer want in the house. Check that your gardening equipment and tools all still work, and get it repaired if it needs some attention. You will also most likely find old suitcases, children’s outdoor toys that are no longer used or are damaged – all of which can be taken to the tip if they can’t be sold or given away.

When the good weather arrives, your natural inclination is more than likely to sit back and relax. However, you need to take advantage of the dry weather to complete the chores that will maintain your home to ensure that you are warm, dry and safe.