Roofs are very durable. Aside from repairing leaks from time to time, most homeowners in Birmingham hardly ever think about replacing this essential part of their home. But don’t wait until the water starts pouring through the ceiling. Below are signs to look out for to know when a Birmingham roof replacement is in order.

5 Warning Signs Your Roof Needs A Replacement

1. Roof Losing A Lot Of Granules

If the shingles are losing a lot of granules, it’s a sign that the roof may be at the end of its useful life, and a replacement is due.

Even when they aren’t yet losing granules, cracked or buckling shingles could do with a repair. Shingles may buckle after a major storm. So, check your rooftop from time to time to see if it’s still in tip-top shape, especially after a storm.

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2. Beams Of Light Coming From The Attic

First, check your attic if you think it’s time for a new roof. You might think you ought first to check your home’s exterior, but not so. Climb up to the eaves of your attic with a flashlight in hand. If there are beams of light coming from several spots, it might be better to replace that entire part than try to repair each leaking area.

Stains and streaks are signs of a leaky roof, even though you’re yet to experience the leakage.

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3. It’s Lived Its Time

The average lifespan of a roof in Birmingham, Alabama, is around 20 years. So try figuring out when the installation was done to know if it’s time for a roof replacement Birmingham. Nevertheless, many homeowners may need to replace theirs sooner because general wear and tear and occasional storm impact may go unnoticed. And if all the years of impact compound, the quality of your roof will drop, and sudden leakage that won’t stay covered for long after repair will become imminent.

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4. Rotting Boards

Rotting boards is one of the worst things that can happen to your roof, and it’s a tell-tale sign it needs a replacement. When moisture is continuously trapped in the boards, rot occurs, and the roof may begin to sag, especially at the lowest points. A sagging roof needs to be replaced before it damages further.

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5. Moss And Mold Growing On Your Roof

Moss and mould are tell-tale signs of trapped moisture in your roof. That’s no good news, as moisture can ruin your roof. Moss usually grows on the shaded corners of your roof because those areas don’t get enough sunlight to dry off.

You can get rid of moss with a stiff brush, but a permanent cure is to address the underlying cause. You have to find that out.

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Final Thoughts

Don’t fret. Just because your roof has a leak or a couple of damaged shingles doesn’t mean a replacement is required. If the roof is still young (less than 15 years), spot-repairing the damage will usually do justice. But if it has lived up to 20 years and leaks keep recurring, then a full-scale replacement may be your best bet. When unsure, consult with a licensed roofing contractor near you.

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