Can you imagine a day without electricity in your home? Surely not! All of your daily regimes would come to an instant halt if there’s no power for a day.

Apart from combating the shortage of energy supplies, you may also be struggling with the piling utility bills. For instance, the bills take a hike during summers, when the air conditioners are run at maximum capacity.

So, how do you cut down on the utility bills, while ensuring a continuous supply of electricity to your home?

In this article, you shall find some of the most amazing ideas that can help combat the energy shortage in your home and also save on utility bills.

Combating Energy Crisis And Improving Efficiency For Homes

Install Energy Saving Appliances

Electrical appliances including air conditioners and washing machines are some of the most energy peckish pieces of equipment that you use in your home. Although you cannot refrain from using them, you can surely switch to using energy-efficient appliances. When you are buying a new appliance, say a new washing machine, do make sure to check the Energy Star Rating it has. A higher rating means that the appliance consumes less energy to perform more work. Similarly, you can optimize all of your fixtures and electrical appliances including lights, air conditioning systems and any others, to be energy efficient. For instance, installing LED lights instead of the conventional CFL or halogen lights can save you a lot of money, in addition to keeping your place cooler.

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Take Note Of Your Plumbing System

The next thing you can do to save on energy is to check on your plumbing system. Often people forget to shut off water valves when they leave home, and in some cases, even forget to check the leaks and breaks. By regularly maintaining your plumbing system, you can ensure that you don’t have to maintain a storage tank for emergencies. Apart from this, you can also replace your traditional water heaters with tankless ones. What the benefit is? Tankless water heaters skip on water storage and reduce the time for heating. All you need to do is set the thermostat to the desired temperature, and you can start drawing instant hot water for all your needs. Thus saving energy wastage and mounting utility bills at the same time.

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Install Ceiling Fans For Better Air Circulation

One of the major additions to the utility bills, as already mentioned, is the cost of operating an air conditioner. But, you can reduce this cost, by smarter installations. For instance, you can install a ceiling fan, that can help reduce the compressor loads by reducing the operating temperature by as much as 4 degrees. The reason is, that the ceiling fan helps circulate the cool air. Additionally, you can also replace the factory assembled air filter with pleated ones. Replacing the air filter can help reduce the energy needed for pushing the air through the filter, and thus reduce utility bills.

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*Note: Maintain A Backup For Power Supply

Amidst all, you cannot ignore the need for a backup supply. Since all of the appliances you use at your home require electricity for operation, you cannot expect them to stop working because there is no grid supply. An easy option is to get a backup generator. Typically, diesel generators are known to be highly popular for home use, mostly because they are highly fuel-efficient and economical. In fact, you can check out a few portable models here,, and decide for yourself, which ones suit your needs the best.

The best part about these generators is, that they can be used in the remotest locations since diesel is easily available in most parts. How does a diesel generator save you on utility bills and energy wastage? Well, it depends upon the model you choose. For instance, if you install a heavy load generator, then most probably you are wasting the energy, produced. On the other hand, choosing a small power generator for supplying only the needful appliances, can help save you a lot. Additionally, you can also install batteries for storing power, along with a generator. This measure can further help reduce energy dependence, even in the hour of a blackout. As long as your generators are well kept, they should be economical to run. If you think your generator needs some attention from a repair service (such as the one here), make sure to do this ASAP!

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Prepare A Monthly Budget For Utilities

Just when you are replacing your old energy peckish appliances with new efficient ones, you also need to keep track of your budget. Not the one you decide for the purchase and maintenance of the appliances, but also for using them. Yes, you got that right! You need to decide on how much you can spend on utility bills when you operate the heaviest load appliance. It is very easy to estimate and decide on a budget for your monthly utilities. All you need to do is to decide the hours you’ll be using these appliances daily. Simply adding the Watt-hour value of the appliance and multiplying the total with the unit cost in your area, you can estimate the expenses, and accordingly, decide your budget.

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Insulate Your Walls And Floor For Heat Retention

Another way to conserve the energy in your home is by insulating your walls and floors. Evidently, walls and floors are amongst the highest drains of heat from your home. Since these structures are usually constructed using concrete and wood, which are known to be the least insulating materials for heat, a major portion of heat is lost through these areas. However, replacing them with other insulating materials can be a costly deal. So, layering them with insulating materials, such as rugs, is a smarter option. In fact, placing rugs can not only help retain heat but also add more aesthetic appeal to your place.

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Install Insulating Windows And Doors

Besides insulating floors and walls, you can also install insulating doors and windows, which can prevent heat loss through cracks and crevices. For instance, installing a double-glass window can help prevent the transfer of Infrared rays from one side to the other. It, in return, helps save on utility bills, by reducing the need to run ACs in summers, and room heaters in winters. Similarly, if you can replace your doors and window panes with insulating materials, such as fibreglass, you can expect more heat retention and thus, lower utility bills.

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To sum it up, saving on electricity bills is not rocket science. Whether you decide to switch to the best electric company in Houston to get a better deal on your electricity or make some small changes to your habits, there is so much that can be done. By implementing simple, yet effective energy-saving measures, you can save a lot on your utility bills. On the other hand, conserving energy does not only save you from hefty bills but also helps create a cleaner and greener environment, which surely your future generations would appreciate.