There are few images more closely associated with luxury than chandeliers. Everything about them oozes opulence: a collection of sparkling crystals or ornate metalwork designed to refract ambient light evenly through a large space. They’ve persisted in symbolising status for centuries and there are no signs of this changing any time soon.

Although they’re often associated with grand entranceways in hotels and stately homes due to their need for height, chandeliers are now affordable, popular, and possible in many spaces. A well-chosen chandelier can elevate design and completely transform the feel of a room. However, the right kind must be chosen and placed correctly to benefit from its full effect.

Chandelier types and where to place them


This may be the classic look of a chandelier that first springs to mind for most people, with glass crystals, hung individually from a branched candelabra frame or in a waterfall style. They usually contain a small percentage of lead oxide to increase the refractive quality of the glass, thereby making them shine brilliantly through dazzling facets.

As a crystal chandelier creates a dazzling ambience and focal point, it works well in areas you’ll want to entertain in, such as a dining room or kitchen. Crystals broadly spread the light, so they work best in the centre of the space with light bulbs like the G9 5.0W bulb.


In contrast to the traditional example, modern and contemporary chandeliers incorporate colours, patterns, and textures. Often, metalwork is used to full effect alongside geometric shapes and designs or adornments.

A minimalist aesthetic is also favoured in modern variations, emphasising shape and material for a sculptural accent. As styles of modern chandeliers can therefore be a piece of interest without overwhelming a space, they’re ideal for hallways or stairwells to add intrigue to an otherwise dull thoroughfare.


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As the name implies, these chandeliers are round and drum-like, often with embellishments of crystals or beads hanging from the drum. Due to their circular shape, they are good at lighting up a whole space.

Due to the good visibility they provide alongside a typically unimposing design, these may be a perfect choice for a bedroom to strike a balance between cosiness and practicality.


A mini chandelier is a smaller version of virtually any other kind. Being more compact, they’re suitable for close quarters or more conservative spaces, such as dressing rooms. Likewise, if affordability is a key consideration in your choice of a chandelier, a mini option could be the ticket to preserve your bank balance.

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A mid-century masterpiece, the sputnik style combines the best of futuristic art and chandelier heritage. With spokes that emanate from a central point, a sputnik chandelier looks a lot like a satellite. Being such a fun design, it’s an ideal choice for an industrial-style dining room or children’s bedroom.