Regarding home appliances, your boiler is probably the most important one. Winters can be brutal without a reliable boiler keeping your home warm and your pipes from freezing, which can be downright miserable. That’s why the right boiler installation and maintenance are very critical.

You should take advantage of this guide if you’re considering installing a boiler in your house. It is important to remember that the task is not always simple and may include certain critical risks. As a homeowner, you must ensure that all of the necessary parameters are met so that the process is a complete success for you.

An expert gas safe registered boiler technician should be consulted when you need to consider replacing your current boiler.

Boiler Installation Mistakes To Avoid

Here are a few common blunders that should always be avoided when installing a boiler:

Trying to Dodge Interaction with the Professionals

While searching for the best boiler installation services, this is yet another thing that you should be doing. Interacting in this manner can provide some insight into the service provider. Such thoughts help reach the proper conclusion. Do not make the decision without consulting experts and asking them all of your questions!

Wrong Distinguishing Between the Boiler Feed & the Exhaust Valves

A boiler feed depends mainly on the type of boiler you have installed in your residence. Boiler feed tanks can be used for new steam boilers rather than the former, typically required for older steam boilers.

Don’t try to save a few bucks by doing a DIY boiler replacement in your home. Instead, contact a professional. They’ll be able to tell you whether or not you’ll need a boiler feed or condensate tank.

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Imperfect Swing Joint

The gap here between cast-iron boiler sections is sealed using round elastomer seals. The swing joints may have worn out where the gaskets hang down. A swing joint is a must when casting iron steam boilers.

These are fittings used in boilers because of their different expansion rates. Boilers made of cast iron can crack if steam expands too much. As a result, the appliance’s gaskets may come loose, allowing steam to escape in all directions.

Using Inappropriate Furnace Installation Materials

It is possible to save money on energy bills by using less costly material, but the money saved will be lost if there are problems with installation or function due to the cheap material. Always use the manufacturer’s recommended material when installing a new furnace to avoid repairs in the future.

Keeping this in mind, we strongly recommend hiring one of the most professional boiler installation services for installation and maintenance services. Having a boiler serviced regularly can extend the life of your appliance.

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Inadequately Debris Cleaning from the System

When installing a new boiler, it is critical to ensure that all debris has been removed from the system before turning it on for the first time. When adding new appliances to an existing house, pressure imbalances in the system can cause damage or even the destruction of those new additions.

To ensure that there is no interference between appliances and that gas flow is consistent from appliance to appliance, a new boiler should be installed with its dedicated gas line. As a result, issues caused by linking multiple boilers together will not be a concern.

Installing a Small Filter

For gas and oil-burning systems, it is critical to ensure that the filter is sized correctly during installation. Reduced efficiency, poorer indoor air quality, and higher energy costs can result from using the wrong filter.

To ensure that the incoming air is properly filtered, boiler filters should be replaced regularly. Otherwise, harmful gasses like carbon monoxide could seep into the house and cause serious health problems if left unattended.

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 Inadequate Attention to the Steam Trap Inserts

You need to replace the steam traps regardless of whether you’re installing a new boiler or replacing an old one. This will be an essential step, according to any experienced boiler installer.

A primary reason is that thermostatic elements in the heating appliance would last for only three seasons, while the float mechanism in the trap can last for up to six seasons. Not replacing the steam trap inserts on time can have a negative impact on its performance, as well as lead to costly repairs in the long run.

Incorrectly Installing a Gas Line

Incorrectly sizing the gas line is one of the most frequent errors when installing a new furnace. With an incorrectly sized gas line, incomplete combustion and inefficient heating system operation is likely to occur.

If dangerous gasses enter the house, this can lead to decreased home comfort, higher energy costs, and problems with co2 emissions.

This mistake can be avoided if the meter’s gas supply is turned off before installing a boiler. To determine the incoming line’s pressure concerning other lines, use an indoor or outdoor pressure gauge. This will tell you what kind of line you’ll need for each opening.

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Atmospheric Erosion

If you have two or more boilers in your home, the lag boiler is more likely to flood than the other boilers. The lag boiler may stop working if it is subjected to excessive flooding.

Preventing this is as simple as setting up a thermostatic trap and floating it in the boiler between the 1-inch and 2-inch mark. The steam trap opens, and the extra water returns to the condensation tank once the boiler water reaches this level. In this way, the lag boiler is protected from overflowing.


You’ve learned about the most common mistakes people make when installing a boiler, so hire the right professional to avoid them. You can prevent these issues by carefully reading the instructions, thoroughly comprehending what you’re doing, and taking time.

Make sure to get in touch with a reputable installation company, as they’ll be able to assist you with the proper boiler upkeep.

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