How many times have you struggled to move a hefty object or your shopping bags full of groceries up the stairs to your apartment? Probably more times than you can remember. As always, you’re wasting your last drop of energy while risking getting an injury from the heavy lifting.

Nevertheless, nowadays instead of overstraining yourself, you might as well purchase a stair climbing cart and end your everyday troubles. Regardless of whether you’ll use this product for residential or commercial use, the benefits are equally amazing.

Stair Climbing Cart

Take a look at the following tips that are going to help you purchase the best model of trolley for your needs.

Select the right type

Since you will be overwhelmed by the wide range of stair climbing carts on the market, the initial point of your shopping journey should be selecting between the two main types, the commercial and the residential type. The choice will largely depend on your needs, as both types serve a different purpose.

For instance, the former ones are made of more robust materials, designed for holding more weight, being suitable for commercial use. However, they don’t offer an extensive choice of models. On the other hand, the latter ones are lighter and simpler to manoeuvre. If you intend to frequently use the trolley up and down the stairs in your building, then the residential type would be the perfect match for you.

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Consider the material

Another important aspect to consider is doubtlessly the trolley’s material, which influences both its durability as well as the convenience of using it. Stair climbing carts can be purchased in two predominant materials, aluminium and steel.

In case you’re looking for a trolley that is highly transportable, enabling you to carry it around everywhere you go, then the aluminium models are the ones to choose from. This material is both light and durable, allowing you to take the trolley with you whenever you go shopping or even when you’re travelling.

Conversely, the models made of steel are extremely durable but more difficult to operate. They’re capable of holding a much heftier load than the aluminium ones, predominantly used for commercial purposes. Unless you plan to drag incredibly bulky things, the aluminium variants would be suitable for your needs. They might not be as hard-wearing as the ones made of steel, but you’ll certainly use them in a long-term period.

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Consider the tires and wheels

In order to easily manoeuvre the cart, you’re supposed to pay attention to the type of tires as well as the number of wheels. Regarding tires, you’re provided with the option of selecting a variant with rubber tires or with pneumatic ones.

The former is amazingly convenient for everyday use, not requiring any inflation, as long as you are transporting a lighter load. The latter is more hard-wearing, thus being able to hold a much heavier weight. Consequently, they require periodic inflation in order to perform their function properly. For example, these are a better choice if you plan to use them in your moving process, for transporting your pieces of furniture.

Additionally, wheels are also worth considering in order to ensure smooth climbing up and down the stairs. You can either choose a cart with two or six wheels. The first ones are more likely to get stuck and cause obstructions while pulling them, particularly on the stairs, where you would need them the most.

The six-wheel models are considered to be easier to pull, regardless of the type of surface beneath them. Therefore, if you want to avoid problems with your trolley getting stuck on the way to your apartment, a six-wheel model will save you a lot of trouble.

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Select the right size

In terms of size, make sure you choose a trolley in accordance with the amount of load you intend to transport. You certainly wouldn’t need a huge one, if you only plan to move your shopping bags or your suitcase. The larger variants are better suited for commercial use, rather than residential.

Moreover, don’t forget about the aspect of storing it in small spaces, such as your car trunk. Make sure you purchase one that folds in order to fit it anywhere you want. The ones that aren’t foldable are much more limited in terms of storage.

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Don’t forget the accessories

Stair climbing trolleys don’t come equipped with a wide range of accessories, but the ones that some variants have, certainly make things easier. If you plan to take the pushcart when grocery shopping, make sure it comes equipped with a bag, where you’ll be able to fit all the groceries bags.

On the other hand, if you use it for moving hefty items, then you’d need one with both straps and ropes. The straps are excellent for tightening the burden while the ropes are extremely helpful in the process of dragging. Also, you’re advised to buy a model, made of weather-proof material in order to avoid any damage that can be done to the load while moving it in rainy weather.

Consider the price

All of the above-mentioned factors play a major role in the price of the product. The larger and more durable it is, the higher the price. The same goes for the accessories. The products with no accessories cost less than the ones with extra features.

Therefore, make sure you calculate your budget, decide on the price you’re willing to spend and commence your search. Don’t be appealed by the extremely cheap products, as your cart is supposed to serve you for a long period of time. Look for products with reasonable prices which provide the necessary quality.

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Wrap up

Purchasing this product will undoubtedly make the process of heavy lifting a lot easier.

Pick your favourite and enjoy the comfort!