5 Top tips to help you sell your house

Kiran Singh

Cleanliness really is godliness

It’s pretty much common sense that a clean home will be more appealing to potential buyers, but we’re talking more than your hoovering and dusting. Have your carpets deep cleaned, not only does this increase the life span of your carpets, but it also improves both the look and feel of the upholstery. Ensure mirrors and windows are sparkling, first impressions certainly count after all!

sell your house


The smell of a room can make or break a sale, as scent is one of the most telling cues. There are a couple of ways in which you can create a welcoming scent within the home, one of which is purchasing fresh flowers. Scientific research suggests that not only do fresh flowers look beautiful, they also make people and places seem friendlier to strangers. But if flowers aren’t your thing, you should perhaps think about making some fresh coffee. Many house sellers believe that the smell of freshly made coffee invites positive emotion, and therefore could lead to an overall better reaction to the prospective home.

sell your house

Repair and Replace

In any case, you should be offering your home at it’s best, but if there are places that could do with a little revamp, now is the time to do this. Repairs should be made in advance of any viewings, and if there are furnishings in your home that need replacing, it’s sensible to do this also.

sell your house


Anything super personal such as family images and trinkets should be removed. Whilst it may seem strange to be taking away the very things that make a home feel like a home, when you think about it, it definitely makes sense. Depersonalising an area means that the prospective buyers have the imaginative freedom to be able to think about what the space will look like with their personal items and is more likely to create a feeling of a new home, rather than being a guest in someone else’s.

sell your house

Welcoming Lighting

Natural light is probably one of the number one priorities buyers look for in homes. The problem with this, is that there’s really not a lot you can do about the physical structure of your home, and therefore lighting is key. Light fixtures and fittings are the first thing in any property that gets noticed and are the main way to create ambience within a room.

sell your house

These five steps may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people forget the little things, when trying to sell their home. These tips and tricks are proven to have a great track record, so why not give them a try, and who knows maybe you’ll get that sale you were hoping for! For more information on new homes, head to www.buyanasterhome.co.uk.

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