children’s room

Since the Harry Potter books and films first came out, children up and down the country have been fascinated by the wizarding world. If your child loves everything to do with Hogwarts and potions, why not give them a bedroom they will love? With a touch of imagination and some creativity, you can create the perfect wizard-themed room for them.
How to achieve a wizard’s room
A Harry Potter-themed room can be as elaborate as you want. The film sets themselves are awash with luxurious fabrics in reds, golds and purples, so your colour scheme should be based on this palette to achieve the true Hogwarts look. There is also a large amount of wooden furniture with ornate decorative features.
A wizard’s bed
A famous wizard cannot just sleep in any bed, and looking for one that fits in with your theme will really complete the look and feel for your child. The ideal bed should be made from dark wood, with a large headboard and elaborate bedposts. If you need something slightly smaller and more practical, you could choose a standard bed and have bed linen in dark purples or reds to give it a Harry Potter style.
The right lighting
Lights are another important part of a wizarding bedroom and will help to give it that all-important Hogwarts feel. Look for old-fashioned wall lights as well as large bedside lamps with cream shades and wood-effect bases. If possible, the ceiling lamps should be ornate, such as chandeliers or candle-type fittings.
The finishing touches
It is entirely up to you and your child how far you go with the whole theme. There are a range of Harry Potter-based decorations that you can use to finish the room, such as house pendants, posters and wall stickers. You could even fill a whole wall with a large image of Hogwarts Castle or the Hogwarts Express. Why not complete the look with Gryffindor-coloured cushions, a wand, broomstick, replica potions, or even a toy owl in a cage?
Get some inspiration
If you want to gain some more inspiration for your Harry Potter-themed room, you can pay a visit to the harry potter castle at the Warner Bros. Studio Tour. Here you can take a tour of Hogwarts, visit the Great Hall and see some of the many sets that were used in the films. While you’re on the tour, make sure you take pictures so that you can remember exactly what you have seen and use some of the ideas when you get home. When you’ve finished, the Studio Shop gives you the chance to pick up some additional items for your room, including original props, replica wands, scarves and clothing.
When you’ve finished creating your child’s Harry Potter-themed room, they really will be transported into the wizarding world. You had better be careful that they don’t truly believe they are a famous wizard, or you might find yourself the victim of some terrible spells.