No matter the state of the economy or how strange the weather is behaving, most homeowners will agree that vinyl siding is the way to go when it comes to beautifully protecting and insulating their home. In this post we will discuss why vinyl siding is the best option for today’s homeowner for all of the aforementioned reasons.

Vinyl Siding
Image by Jeld Wen via Flickr

In recent years the weather has been just as dangerously unpredictable as the global economy. And whether it’s to protect an asset, quickly prepare a house for a “house flip”, or save money on your utility bills, there are plenty of reasons why vinyl siding is the best way to protect and increase the value of your home or building.

In this article we are going to explore many of the features and benefits that make vinyl siding (aka vinyl cladding) the right choice for your home, storage building, or commercial building.


  1. Rich Colour Palette, without Paint

Vinyl cladding comes in many rich, vivid colours which age much more gracefully than painted wood siding or aluminium siding. Coloured siding is much lower maintenance because of this fact, too.

The colour that is infused into vinyl siding during the manufacturing process produces a more even colouring than paint, saves countless laborious hours of painting, and helps to hide knicks and scratches to vinyl siding more effectively.


  1. Durability

As a result of your desired colour being embedded throughout the structural makeup of vinyl siding, it is able to conceal cosmetic damages easily. A scratch or a dent will not reveal another colour below the surface, as the colours used in vinyl siding are more than skin-deep; colour infiltrates every molecule of vinyl used to make your vinyl cladding.

Extreme temperatures also have a tendency to expand and shrink building materials, which can make them age quicker. Vinyl siding is designed to expand and shrink with the seasons, day in and day out, with minimal wear and tear.


  1. Easier to Install

Vinyl cladding is also much easier to install than other siding products such as those made of aluminium or lumber.

Vinyl siding simply slides and locks into place, and riveting the material to the outer wall of a building is so easy even a child could do it.


  1. Low Maintenance

Vinyl cladding is also quite low maintenance. Over time air pollutants can permanently stain wood or brick, resulting in a necessary maintenance paint job from time to time. And a paint job of this magnitude is no easy task. Paint needs to be stripped evenly and repainted evenly; mistakes are all too easy to see from the street.

Vinyl cladding on the other hand requires little more than a good power-washing every couple of years.


  1. Energy Efficiency

Vinyl siding is also very environmentally friendly while being dramatically cost-effective. Good vinyl cladding will help keep your home cool in the warm months, and warm in the cool months. The added insulation that vinyl cladding provides is sure to improve the efficiency of your climate control efforts, and translate into utility cost-savings while ensuring inhabitants are comfortable.


  1. Affordability

We’ve been eluding on the cost-effectiveness of vinyl siding throughout this whole post, and we’d like to really nail this fact down.

Vinyl siding is cheaper than all other building materials used for the same purpose, while also taking the biggest bite out of your utility bills, maintenance bills, and even replacement costs.

Replacing and repairing vinyl siding is as affordable as it is easy. Do you have any thoughts on vinyl cladding? Let us know in the comments.