Survey reveals the most popular and the most bizarre. THE COVERS have been pulled back on the UK’s bedtime habits that lead to a great night’s sleep in the UK.

In a survey of 2,048 UK adults for The Fine Bedding Company, one in five people cited what they choose to eat or drink before bed as their top ingredient for a great night’s sleep, with men three times more likely to choose an alcoholic drink than women who prefer a milky bedtime beverage.

There is also a regional difference when it comes to booze before bed with 27% in Scotland and the North and 27% in the Midlands and Wales opting for a tipple before lights out compared to a comparatively sober 16% in London and the South.

Alcoholic drinks were more than twice as popular as any other consumable food and drink option; however, topping the herbal beverage chart was Chamomile tea before bedtime.

But Brits don’t just rely on food or drink for a sound night’s slumber. The poll also found that almost 10% of the UK attributes exercise during the day or before bedtime as the recipe to sleep success, with a third of these including sexual activity as their soporific secret!

The traditional bedtime story came in the top three tips for getting a great night’s sleep. Reading to induce sleep is most popular with the over 55’s but also women are twice as likely as men to read to help them drift off to sleep.

What are the ingredients for a great night’s sleep?

The Top 10

1 Food & drink 357 17%
2 Exercise 198 10%
3 Reading 117 6%
4 Meditation 116 6%
5 Timing 104 5%
6 Electronics 103 5%
7 Audio 93 5%
8 Environment 79 4%
9 Games 68 3%
10 Bedding 55 3%

Commenting on the most popular answers, Sara Wadsworth from The Fine Bedding Company said: “Other well-liked ingredients for a great night’s sleep that made up the top five include clearing your mind, relaxing and meditation techniques (6%), and what time you go to bed as the factor that is most important to achieving quality Zzzz’s (5%) – although opinions are split between whether this should be early or late!

There has been some talk about taking supplements like CBD Gummies for Sleep, however, so do evaluate your options. There are many CBD products out there to help you sleep, such as gummies to bath bombs. Make sure you do your own research with third-party testing etc when it comes to THC and CBD.

“Our survey also found that the jury is out on electronics and whether they help us to fall asleep and maintain a quality night’s kip. There was an equal divide between watching TV/tablet devices before bed and logging off all devices.”

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Weird & Wonderful Sleep Ingredients

The survey reveals some obscure suggestions such as wearing sunglasses before bed to mimic dusk, covering all clocks to prevent time pressure and ensuring a view of the night sky.

  1. Wear sunglasses to mimic dusk and kickstart melatonin
  2. Cover clocks
  3. Lookout at the sky at night
  4. Chanting such as the Hawaiian forgiveness prayer
  5. Keep your pillowcase in the freezer!
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Granny Knows Best

Sleep advice is also something that is handed down the generations, with some of the best advice coming from Grannies and Grandpas. Some of the more obscure tips attributed to the generations include sucking a sage leaf and counting games in the top ten tips.

  1. Avoid eating cheese before bedtime
  2. Count your blessings every night before you go to sleep
  3. Stick to a routine, go to bed and get up at the same time every day even at weekends
  4. Don’t go to bed on an argument
  5. Get into bed the same side you get out of bed

“A great night’s sleep isn’t just about ritual it is important to have a healthy environment too, so we don’t get too hot or cold and so we’re comfortable all night long. Our bodies are hard-wired to sleep for 30% of our lifetime; and our brains need it to make good decisions, concentrate better and improve our memory.”

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