Local florist network Interflora has gathered its five top tips on how to make the most of peony season because they won’t be around for long! 

Bright and beautiful, peonies are known for their eye-catching, colourful petals as well as being a low-maintenance bloom to brighten up your house. From bright pink to sunny yellow, there’s a pretty peony that complements any room.

And now, as we head towards the long-awaited peony season, Interflora have gathered the perfect tips for picking up some peonies and adding a splash of colour to your favourite room. But you’ll have to be quick, as peonies are only in season for a very short time, usually from late April to early June (blink and you’ll miss them!)


  1. Be wild with your colour choices!

The classic pink peony jumps to mind when everyone thinks of the gorgeous early summer bloom, but many people have no clue they come in more colours than the timeless and iconic shade. From deep purple to perfect peach colour, so why not get brave with your colour choices and make your bouquet as colourful and eye-catching as possible?

  1. Are peonies looking less than perky? Get them in the fridge!

This is a little-known secret that’s perfect for bringing your favourite blooms back to life. If your new bunch of peonies aren’t looking too good, Interflora suggests chopping the stems at an angle, popping them in some cold water and letting them rest in the fridge until they’re looking springtime-fresh once more. Keep cutting your stems every two days to keep them looking their best.

  1. Trim those leaves!

Once you receive your beautiful bunches of peonies, it’s key that you trim off any low-hanging leaves from the stems. Not only will this impact how the flowers sit in the vase, but it can also cause some nasty bacteria to build up in the water that can be super harmful to your flowers.

  1. Avoid direct sunlight

With their bright and beautiful colours, it may be tempting to display your new bouquet of peonies on the windowsill. But as it happens, sunlight is detrimental to peonies’ growth. Interflora suggests still keeping them on display, but out of direct sunlight and somewhere a little shadier.

  1. How to arrange your peonies

Peonies are super easy and fun to arrange, and a goldfish-bowl type of vase is great as it works well with their full-rounded shape. Make sure to measure the stems against the vase, leaving the flower heads just above the top for a luxe look.

Peonies also look great with other seasonal blooms. Team yours with roses, delphiniums, stocks and lilacs or even lavender to create an insta-worthy arrangement that smells as good as it looks.

Finally, peonies also look great arranged en masse (like one big, fluffy cloud!) but they can also hold their own as a few stems in smaller vases. Why not try splitting them into different containers and scattering them around the home to bring beauty to different rooms?

For more flower tips visit: https://www.interflora.co.uk/blog and tag @InterfloraUK on social media whilst showing off your newly displayed peonies.

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