Pandemic has locked us in our houses and flats, imposing functional changes to how we arranged our rooms and spaces. Read the article to learn about the newest interior design trends.

Top Interior Design Trends in 2021

1. Natural materials

Furniture and interior design decorations made of natural materials such as wood, wool and rattan have become the hottest trend during the pandemic.

Natural materials bring a feeling of warmth and cosiness to our homes. Search for vintage and second-hand wooden pieces of furniture online.

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2. Homeworking zones / home offices

During the lockdown, we had to work from home and we spent more time at home than ever. And so did our family members or flatmates. As one of the pandemic influences, there is a need for a separated working area. For some it will be a designated home office, for some, it will have to be divided from an open plan living space – a working area. Don’t worry, you don’t need to rearrange the walls at your apartment. You can divide the working area by using furniture such as bookcases.

If you want to renovate your home office, choose wallpapers with a textured effect or green paint. Green brings hope and has the anti-stress factor.

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3. Green kitchen

You don’t need to remodel the whole interior design of your apartment to follow this trend. It is cool because you can have a green kitchen even on a low budget. Instead of buying new furniture, paint your cupboard doors and kitchen walls green. Voila!

Some of the interior design work described above needs precision and experience. Usually, those who want to save on professional services, pay twice. Be mindful of it when starting the renovation of your house!

Hiring a professional house painter has many more advantages. Professional renovation companies are cost-efficient. They know how to professionally measure walls and floors and they order precisely just as much paint (or tiles or any material, really) as it is needed. Professional painters and decorators also know perfectly how to achieve a trendy effect, such as textured walls.

A professional painter or decorator will finish the work on time, according to the plan, and leave your house clean and tidy. For a professional renovation company, your satisfaction is really important. Renowned decorating companies such as Ignas Limited give you a 2-year guarantee on all works, so you know exactly what you pay for and you get peace of mind that your house will look just the way you like.

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Article prepared in cooperation with Ignas Limited – painter and decorator London.