As a busy mummy, I don’t always have much spare time, which makes things like keeping on top of things, like the cleaning, a little tricky. The problem is that I am a neat freak and like my house to be spotless, but I have very little time for cleaning.

I may not be able to clean as much as I would like, but I have managed to work out a few simple ways to make keeping on top of the housework easier. I may not have all the time in the world for cleaning, but thanks to these tips, I can keep on top of things much better than before.

In case you are also struggling to keep on top of the housework, I thought I would share my mummy-friendly cleaning tips with you:

These Simple Tips Made Cleaning A Lot Less Stressful

Clean when the kids are napping or out of the house

Don’t attempt to vacuum or wash the floors when the kids are in the house, it will only end in disaster. Trust me on this, young children and cleaning just don’t mix.

If you want to concentrate on a chore that takes longer than a couple of minutes, do it when the kids are asleep or out of the house. You will find it not only easier but also quicker and less stressful to clean when the kids are out of the house.

Top tip: When it comes to vacuuming, don’t do this when the kids are asleep. It might not seem loud to you, but you will end up waking up at least one of your little ones.

Don’t use chemicals

Whenever I used to clean using supermarket products, I always used to worry about how they would affect my kids. I know most products are meant to be safe once they have been used, but it didn’t stop me from worrying.

That’s why I chose to swap to using all-natural, child-friendly products so that I knew 100 per cent that my kids were safe. As well as swapping to using all-natural detergent and cleaning products, I also invested in a steam mop.

Steam mops can be used to clean the entire house, from the floors to the windows, and all without the use of chemicals. The best thing about steam mops for me is how quickly and easily they clean; they’re amazing. Want your own steam mop – you can find out more about all the best steam mops online at

Clean as you go

Don’t make the mistake of letting your house get into a big mess, make sure to clean up as you along. For instance, every time you make cakes with the kids or cook a meal in the kitchen, ensure that you clean up straight away.

Leaving the mess will only make things worse, as you will end up with loads of cleaning to do at one time. My main mummy cleaning rule is always to clean as I go, no matter what, I always try to stick to this.

Get the kids involved

How involved in the household chores you can get your kids will depend on how old they are. However, there are ways you can get children of all ages involved in helping around the house.

Children over seven can do easy chores each day, like putting their dirty clothes in the laundry basket or dusting. Younger children can help you by tidying up the toys that they play with, putting them back where they found them before going up to bed.

As a mum, time is limited, and so it can be a struggle to get things done. However, by following these simple tips, you can make keeping on top of the cleaning, easier for yourself.