Storm Ahead! Signs of Big Problems Around the House

Kiran Singh

Whether you are buying an old house, planning your own renovation project, or you simply want to know the latest state of your current home, a thorough home inspection is a necessary step to take. It is even better when the inspection is done by trained professionals since they can spot the slightest signs of trouble better than you can.

Of course, spotting those signs are only the beginning. You still need to take further action and work towards solving these potential problems before they turn into a big, costly set of issues. Before you can do that, let’s take a look at the common problems around the house and the signs you need to look out for in order to spot them.

Problems Around the House

The Garden Sloping Towards the House

Foundation problems are nightmares that aren’t always easy (or possible) to fix. The sooner you can spot potential foundation problems, however, the more chances you have at fixing the issues early. One of the most common signs of a potential problem with your foundation is seeing your garden or grade sloping towards the house.

This is a sign that leads to issues such as cracking and water settlement in various areas around the house. Those issues could cause even more severe problems, including problems with your basement and the foundation of the property.

You can check if the problem is with your foundation by doing further inspections on the doors and windows of the property. Look for uneven gaps, particularly near the top of the door. Be sure to consult professionals immediately so that further problems can be prevented. Fixing foundation issues is also a job for professionals.

High Energy Bills

Look at your energy bills; is there an increase in the amount you spend to heat the house? Both a steady climb and a jump, followed by a continuing increase in energy consumption are usually signs of bad insulation and potentially more insulation problems around the house.

You need to first check the central heating. Problems with this could be the primary cause of that spike in energy bills mentioned earlier. Next, do a thorough inspection and check for cracks, gaps, and other draft points.

To really understand the problem, checking the insulation of the property thoroughly is also worth doing. With the issues identified, you can choose from DIY solutions to bigger projects done by professionals as a way to fix those issues.

Clogged Drain and Water Bill Jump

Plumbing problems are also the kind of home-related issues that can turn into a catastrophic disaster overnight. Whenever you run into issues with your drains or you see signs of plumbing issues, the best way to go is to hire a plumber immediately and get those issues fixed.

Clogged drains are not that big of a deal if it happens every once in a while. That said, a drainage system that gets clogged repeatedly isn’t a system you want to keep. You may not have the right garbage disposal unit, or the system may not be able to handle the substances you throw at it.

Other plumbing issues aren’t so easy to solve yourself. A sudden jump in your water bill, for instance, should be alarming enough for you to call a trusted emergency plumber. Plumbers can identify issues such as leaks, bad piping, and an inefficient water heating system from a few common signs.

Just like many other issues around the house, preventing bigger problems is much better than dealing with them later. Working with the best plumbers allow you to do just that without the usual hassle. Reliable plumbers can be found all around the country if you ask people you know or try a simple online search. If you happen to be looking for someone in the South West are, for example, you could get a quote from Plumbing Care Services who are one of the top rated in their industry. This reliable Bristol emergency plumbing company are the number one choice in the area and operate a fleet of vehicles every day of the week. They offer plumbing services in Bristol, Somerset and Gloucestershire which covers everything from instillation to

Electrical Anomalies

Lastly, you want to keep an eye out for anomalies and issues related to the home’s electrical system. Electrical wiring – bad wiring, in particular – is still the primary cause of house fires in many areas across the country. There is no such thing as being too careful when it comes to the wires running around the house.

You want to avoid using extension cables whenever possible. It is better to install new power outlets in a permanent way instead of relying on extension cables all the times. The outlets are also more energy-efficient compared to long extension cables.

Learn how to spot anomalies too. If the lights suddenly flicker or if your appliances fail to work after only a short period of use, you could be looking at a bigger problem with the electrical system. Old wiring and bad connections are the culprits in most cases.

Smaller issues can reveal big problems around the house. As a homeowner, knowing how to spot these signs is indeed important, so try to be more aware of problems around the house.

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