Spring is a great time to redecorate and freshen up the whole house, but especially the bedroom. After spending a lot more time in there than in the rest of the year, winter can sometimes make us feel like our bedroom is a little cave after staying in hibernating forever. But once spring is on its way, with the glorious light mornings and promise of having the airy windows open, there’s no better time to reinvigorate some life into your nest. Here’s two of the main spring décor trend ideas to get you inspired:


70’s minimalism is still very in and looks set to be a hit throughout 2016. Often this is seen in the living space of a house but it can be easily incorporated into the bedroom with a little thought. Think 70’s style wooden furniture against minimal decoration. Plain walls in a white or grey hue with wooden floors and plenty of green plants to add a splash of colour. Go for a bed frame which stick with the theme, so either something that’s black and iron or a wooden frame but nothing too bulky or ostentatious.

Check out the amazing selection of beds at Bedzrus for some great ideas. Then dress the bed with plain covers, maybe textured white or grey with a colourful throw and decorate with a lamp. This trend is for those who seriously follow home wear trends and can be somewhat bare for those who prefer more embellishment.


If you’re brave and like your room to look a bit more dressy stripes could be the way forward. With stripes dominating the catwalks, they’re sure to be a home décor trend for 2016. You could go all out and have striped wall paper on the main wall and make it into a feature wall or add striped bed covers and accessories to a plainer room. Depending on the type of floor you’re after striped carpet its very on trend but may be a fad so unless you’re planning on decorating again soon incorporating stripes in a less costly manner might be a better idea.

There are so many ways to freshen up your bedroom for the spring that it’s totally up to you. Even a repaint of the walls and a few new accessories will help to make your room feel lighter and more airy ready for the spring months. So ditch florals and try something different out this year.