Small Changes Around The Home That Can Make A Huge Impact On Its Aesthetic

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When it comes to how we design and decorate our homes, we can put a lot of emphasis on the big things. So, we focus on the perfect sofa and chair color, and how we will arrange it. We make our bedrooms feel luxurious and relaxed. We careful combine things that complement each other and even clash dynamically.

However, while we focus so much attention on this, we sometimes forget to think smaller scale. We forget that sometimes, it is the small things that make a big difference.

Three prime examples of this are our windows, our lighting, and our flooring. Because none of these things are usually stand-out features of the room, they can get neglected.

So, with this in mind, let’s take a look at how you can make small changes to each of these facets. Doing so can have a huge impact on the aesthetic of both the room in question and the house as a whole.

Clean windows

Time and time again, we forget that dirty windows can be really detrimental to our homes. First of all, the dirt blocks light. Even a very thin layer of grime can make a huge impact. However, on a more serious level, dirty windows can mean they are being damaged. As a result, you will lose up to years of lifespan on your windows. This is why cleaning windows once or twice a year is simply not enough. Instead, have your windows washed once a month. Even better would be getting them washed once a fortnight. Hire professionals for reassurance that they are being cleaned properly, with the correct chemicals.

Brighter lighting

It is often the case that we forget the things above our eye line. We walk around our local towns and forget to look up at the architecture, for example. We also do this in our homes. As a result, we often forget about the lighting in our homes. This is because the majority of it is attached or hanging from our ceilings. A few strings or fairy lights can look nice, but what about going several steps better!? Architectural Lighting is what business and companies use to make their brand and products truly stand out. Try using some of their products and methods in your own home. Brighter lighting can, of course, brighten a whole house. Combining this with a bold design allows you to make a statement with your lighting!

Deep cleaned carpets

We’ve already spoken about how we often forget to look up in our homes. Well, we often also forget to look down! This is often because there isn’t much of interest down there, aside from the floor. However, do bear in mind that a dirty, cracked or marked floor can affect the aesthetic of the rest of the room. Get your carpets deep cleaned by a professional and it will make the whole room look cleaner. Have wooden and engineered floors sanded down and re varnished? This will make the whole room seem more polished and up-to-date.