This charming gift bundle consisting of these utterly adorable Pug Parent and Puppy soft toys is a thoughtful gift for any pug lover.

This popular gift set is perfect for children who would love their own pet, or adults who are Pug obsessed! Made from premium fabrics and super soft stuffing, these dog toys give the best bedtime hugs!

Pug Parent & Puppy Set

You might recognise a pug from its wrinkly face and small body. Pugs have a short coat that is usually fawn or black but can also be silver or apricot. As a puppy, they don’t shed that often, but once they’re 1-year-old shed more. They love your attention, so much so that they’ve been nicknamed a ‘shadow’ because they want to be your best friend all the time.  

Fast Fact 

They’re really silly dogs and are sometimes described as ‘clowns’. 



Believe it or not… 

Pugs are so popular they even have a day dedicated to them – National Pug Day is October 15! 

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