When it comes to comfort in the bedroom, sometimes it takes more than a quality mattress to help you sleep better. The bedding is one of the most essential pieces for creating the perfect sleeping environment as it can boost your sleep and easily tie the rest of the room elements together.

Take a moment and think about it like going into a hotel room. And as you know, in most hotels you will find crisp white bedding decorating the bed. Ever wondered why considering it’s so easy to stain and any stain on it would be noticeable? Well, keep that thought because the hotel is trying to show you that they are taking good care of their bedding, keeping it fresh and clean at all times. 

And let’s be clear, this doesn’t mean that the hotels that use coloured bedding are not taking proper care of it, however, first impressions matter and are crucial for customers’ satisfaction. That being said, white is an effective colour choice to prove standards of cleanliness and earn customers’ trust. When it comes to your living space, it’s always a good idea to introduce this colour to your bedroom and refresh your interior.

Replicating the comfort and cleanliness of a hotel room in your own bedroom has never been easier. All you need to do is choose luxurious white bedding sets and turn your bedroom into an everyday cosy retreat. There are many reasons why it’s the number one choice for many hotels and homeowners and here are some that may convince you that it’s not hard work, basic or boring in any way.

Never Too Bright: White Bedding Done Right

Why Is White Bedding Always Popular?

It’s Versatile 

Whatever design and colour scheme you may use in your bedroom, white will certainly go with it. You can easily match it with coloured accessories or complement bright wall colours and soft furnishings with it and provide a coordinated look to the entire space, keeping the focus on the bed. In kids’ rooms, it can be a calm counter to the colourful toys and accessories. If your children share the room, then you can easily tie the beds together, with simple, classic white bedsheets, but still, keep the unique look of each bed as they will make stunning backdrops to the colours used in them.

Brings a Feeling of Relaxation

The colour of your bedding can affect the mood of the room and when it comes to white, it’s the ultimate neutral, a colour with a calming effect, invoking a sense of comfort and making the room feel less cluttered, so you can relax at the end of the day and unwind in your personal space. White sheets and pillowcases are ideal for creating a cosy and inviting atmosphere and make a great bedroom décor solution if you are struggling to compromise between your and your partner’s colour preferences. It’s not the colour of peace with no reason after all. 

Gives an Instantly Refreshing Vibe

If you want to update your bedroom design, but don’t want to transform the whole room, buying some white bed linen can give you the look you want to create, all in a seemingly effortless way. It’s simple but gives the impression of a newly decorated space. And just because you’ve chosen white, doesn’t mean you’re a boring person. Feel free to add personality with splashes of colours and even change the look of your bed in line with the seasons. You can play with decorative accessories and choose deep coloured cushions and a warm, textured throw for the winter and lighter colours for the summertime.

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Brightens Up a Dark Room

Usually, the bed is the largest part of most bedrooms and the bedding you use can transform the overall look of the room. Whether the room is dark through lack of natural light or due to décor, white bedding can make it feel brighter and larger by creating an airy sensation all over the place, seemingly opening up its dimensions.

It’s Easy to Clean

Unlike most colour bedding, you can wash white bedding sets at high temperatures. So, even if having a cup of tea or coffee in bed is one of your favourite indulgences, don’t worry about it. In case you spill some of it on your white bedsheets, just make sure to immediately wash it. Keeping it fresh and clean is not a big chore, but it requires a bit of extra thoughtfulness at times, that’s all.

That being said, when you wash your white bedding, use a formulated detergent, specifically made for white fabrics. To prevent discolouration, which can be one of the biggest potential drawbacks of this type of bedding, wash it regularly. Avoid using bleach in case you want to give your white sheets a bit of brightness refresh. Instead, go with a natural solution, DIY or buy in-store.

Make It Simple, but Stylish

We spend a lot of time in bed, so it’s always a good idea to make it feel like our own comforting, relaxing oasis that matches our style and personality. And it doesn’t take much to create a cosy and sophisticated ambience in your bedroom with the help of some personally selected bed linen. It can be a perfect choice for a spare bedroom as well, so your guests can feel like sleeping in a hotel room as the white exudes simplicity and elegance for a luxurious feel.

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To style the perfect all-white bed, consider choosing different fabrics and textures, such as linen, silk, sateen or else, depending on the time of the year. Make it all work well together by adding several layers to the bed, whereas the bottom layer should consist of sheets and then add a duvet or comforter, depending on your preferences, and top it all off with a quilt as a final layer. Always choose luxury pillows that coordinate with the duvet or quilt to ensure a streamlined appearance of your bed and a timeless feel to the entire space, so it will look modern and trendy no matter the season or year.

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