Autumn is approaching, and it’s traditionally a time when we start to cocoon a little. We close the windows, we get the big blankets out of the wardrobe, and it is all too easy to sink into the stuffy warmth of the winter months. But is that not what we have been doing for the last eighteen months? Surely the colder, darker months are the perfect time to bring some fresh light and warmth into your home! If you are looking for a bit of inspiration for how to brighten up your living space, here are a few ideas.

Looking To Bring A Fresh Look To Your Home Here Are A Few Tips To Help You Get Started

Brighten The Place Up

We all have that space in our homes that never seem to get enough light. Sitting in the dark is not just bad for your eyesight, it’s bad news for your mood too. Even if you don’t think that you are someone who suffers from the seasonal affective disorder, it has been shown that light has a real impact on our mental health.

So, if you feel like there is a room, or rooms, in your home that is always gloomy, it’s time to change things up. Think about adding some LED lightbulbs to the space or clearing out some of the furniture to accommodate a standing lamp.

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New Tiles To Give A Cleaner, Sharper Look

When we move into a new property, we always have a list of things that we would like to change. But it is so often the case that other things in our life get in the way, and those non-urgent home improvement plans get shunted to the bottom of the to-do list. Everyone has at least one room in their house which they would like to re-tile but have not got around to.

Why not think about some vintage style tiles for your floor or walls? Why not add a splash of colour with some multicoloured tiles for your hallways? Tile stores can sometimes be a little overwhelming, but Aylesbury Tile Centre has the expertise to help you find your perfect fit and an incredible range of tile options for every taste and every style. They also have a highly skilled bathroom installation and tiling team that can help you with your renovation project.

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Don’t Forget About Your Garden

As the colder months draw in, a lot of people decide to leave their garden alone until the spring comes back around. They think that there’s nothing that they can really do with it. But we have all seen how important green space is during the pandemic, and there’s no reason why your garden should not continue to bring you joy even when the temperature drops.

Think about what plants could thrive at this time of year or bring some of your more delicate favourites inside. You should also think about how you could help the local wildlife through the tougher months. Hanging some feeding balls or installing a birdbath will ensure that you have plenty of feathered visitors to brighten up your home, and you could even think about building a shelter for any hedgehogs that need a warm place to spend the night.

Preparing your garden for autumn
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