Rebecca Pagan | Commercial Director at Pagazzi Lighting

Nothing brings a warmer and more welcoming vibe to a home than an autumnal interior décor aesthetic. As the nights draw in and the days get shorter and darker, there’s something magical about readying your space for hibernation by piling up the throws and pillows, displaying seasonal greenery and introducing luxurious fabrics like faux fur and velvet. The shift in seasons is the ideal time to transform your home into a cosy retreat that’s perfect for both snuggling up indoors and for seasonal entertaining.

3 Layers of Home Lighting
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Lighting is one of the key aspects of home décor yet can often be overlooked. With the advent of the autumn and winter months when natural light is in increasingly short supply, refining your lighting design can make a huge difference to the ambience of your space. Rather than just switching on all of your overhead lights to make up for the lack of natural illumination, try adding in additional layers of atmospheric lighting with strategically placed lamps, fairy lights and flickering candles to chase away the winter blues and create cosy areas within your rooms. Light up a dark corner with a vertical floor lamp or create a welcoming reading nook with an aesthetically pleasing arc lamp curving over a favourite chair or sofa. Not only do these styles of lamp make for a beautiful focal point, but the relatively small base means they will work equally well in a smaller room with limited floor space – the base nestles behind whilst the over-arching lamp projects out over the seating. Adding in extra mirrors is another fabulous way to bounce much-needed extra light around a room in darker months, whilst a crystal light fitting placed near a window or mirror will also lend extra shimmer resulting in a warm glow throughout your space.

Lighting Trend for Autumn

L: Hayfield Antique Brass & Green Velvet Floor Lamp – £329.00

R: Giant Black Arc Floor Lamp – £259.00

Lighting Trend for Autumn

L: Hanworth LED Table Lamp – £39.00

R: Onega 3 Light Ceiling Light in Champagne – £199.00

An autumnal colour palette is one of the easiest ways to give your space an upgrade by embracing the changing seasons. Green is a key ingredient here, whether that be deep green, forest green, emerald, moss, sage or anything in between. Also think plum, warm amber, rich brown, clay, russet, burnt orange, gold, raincloud grey, mushroom, earthy tones and sapphire or inky blue to effectively mirror the colours found in the natural world at this time of year.

Lighting Trend for Autumn

L: Macaroon Gold & Emerald Table Lamp – £59.00

R: Elena Green Table Lamp – £99.00

Take inspiration from the Forestcore design trend to create an interior aesthetic that works in harmony with nature by embracing natural textures, lots of plants, rich fabrics, deep colours and organic shapes – essentially bringing the outdoors in by weaving elements of the forest throughout your space. We have an innate desire to connect with the natural world, so bringing the outdoors into the home can evoke and enhance feelings of harmony and well-being. Experiment with adding accent shades like primrose yellow, toadstool red, lilac, violet and white to mimic the different hues of the flowers found in the natural forest and bring a pop of colour to lighten your scheme.

Lighting to Inspire Us
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Opt for lighting that leans towards the earthy tones, natural colours and textural effects found in the natural world. Stone and concrete lamps will bring understated minimalist elegance to the table, whilst organic materials like rattan, jute and wicker lend a warm touch to living spaces. A rustic antler-inspired chandelier will mimic the branches of the autumn trees after the leaves have fallen and make a stunning centrepiece to any autumn-inspired room, whilst an ornate gold ceiling light crafted with a curved floral leaf design like the one seen here, is reminiscent of the sun lighting up autumn leaves. The soft glimmer of candles and strategically placed fairy lights will effectively recreate the dappled lighting that naturally occurs when the sunlight filters through the trees in an autumnal forest.

Lighting Trend for Autumn

L: Lochranza Rustic Antler 6 Light Pendant – £349.00

R: Delphine Large Gold Ceiling Pendant – £299.00

Lighting Trend for Autumn

L: Mason Copper Touch Table Lamp – £29.00

R: Sanders Cream Table Lamp – £49.00