Kikkerland Industrial Plant Mister and Watering Can

Kiran Singh

Industrial Plant Mister

Misting your plants regularly helps keep them healthy and good-looking. And this industrial tough mister will look great even when it’s sitting idle.

Industrial plant mister for keeping plants healthy

Plant mister in a stylish industrial design that’s perfect for keeping your greenery healthy and growing.

Kikkerland Industrial Plant Mister
Kikkerland Industrial Plant Mister

Simply fill with water and push down on the pump for instant mist. This galvanized mister has a black zinc finish and can hold 320 ml / 10.82 fl oz of liquid.

Dimensions: 14.2cm x diameter 8.4cm

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Industrial Watering Can

This contemporary, watering can with an industrial vibe ensure caring for your plants, flowers and herbs is an absolute delight. This watering can have a capacity of 950ml and with its unique shape, it looks good when not in use.

Kikkerland Industrial Watering Can

  • Holds 950 ml
  • Product dimensions: 34,3 x 19,1 x 12,7 cm
Kikkerland Industrial Watering Can
Kikkerland Industrial Watering Can

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