From the times of the ancient Greeks and Egyptians, who originally used pieces of large fabric to shadow themselves from the sun. We have come far in innovating this concept, by inventing structures such as shade sails. Creating outdoor cover has become a common technology due to extreme weather changes over the past few decades and all over the world.

Queensland (QLD), is the second largest and most populous state in Australia. It has almost five million people residing all along the coastal areas, the second largest after Brisbane city. One of the main reasons why people flock to this part of the world is because of its agreeable climate. With low rainfall and mostly humid summers, typical to this region, its no wonder the population is growing every year.

In this tropical climate, its great sandy beaches and clear blue water, the appeal is irresistible. Although the unfortunate threat of bush fires looms within the realms of the region, for this reason as well. The hot and humid summers peaks its head during the winter seasons as well, where the harsh sun glares upon its nature and not the kind of winter as we know it – cold and frosty, but rather an also humid and warm one.

With scorching climate like this, having these contraptions in and around your home or building to sit under and seek salvage can be you saving grace. No better place than established companies that can deliver and install or replace shade sails Gold Coast for you and provide sails to both commercial and residential properties in Queensland.

Why the Gold Coast Needs Shade Sails Now

What are the many advantages of installing a shade sail?

1. These Sails Offer High UV Protection. Temperatures exceeding from a minimum of 36 degrees in its ‘winter’ months of June and July to record highs of 49 degrees in January and mostly through-out the rest of the year in Queensland, shading yourself needs to be a priority. The best ones block you from almost 99% of the often-harsh rays of the sun.

We seldom hear of any advantages of prolonged sun exposure, but what we are faced within our daily lives is the knowledge about the harmful effects that continuous sun-exposure can do to us both immediately as well as over years – thing like skin cancer, skin damage, faster aging of the skin, sun spots, to name a few. These are the long-term effects; however, the short-term effects should also be considered as negative. Things like headaches, nausea, fainting can all be avoided if we take precautions.

With talks of global warming on the cusp of every environmental discussion; scientists have noticed that the earth is getting hotter every decade and stress the fact that it is always advisable to be safe than sorry and heed to these calls when protecting your well-being. Read more about these changes here.

2. Safer Filtered Light and Reduced Glare. If you want to relax under one of these sails and do some personal reading, for instance. Doing this in direct sunlight is hazardous to your eyes. The harsh glare from the sun has been known to cause cataracts in people’s eyes in the long run, if not protected using sunglasses or being under a covered area.

Exposure to UV radiation can degenerate the retina of your eyes, which can have a permanent and very negative side-effect on your eyes, eventually either impairing your vision or causing cancer of the eyes.

Because UV rays are invisible to the naked eye, it can be very deceiving and risky in not protecting ourselves. This is why opticians and medical advisors always stress the use of sunglasses, hats, sunscreen and covering ourselves with breathable clothing including all sorts of professional advice to keep you from harm.

If that’s not bad enough – did you know, by not shading yourself, you are at risk of something called photophobia, which is a side-effect of taking medication like certain antibiotics, that make your eyes weaker or more light-sensitive.
A few things to bear in mind when choosing the right shade sail company for your establishment:

Does the company use high grade materials?

Look for ones that offer high quality material for their structures as well as stainless steel (marine grade) material for the posts. These often wear out or suffer degradation and should be coated with a powder to extend their life-span.

They can range from posts to pulley systems. The choice depends on whether it will be used for domestic or industrial or large-scale use.
During the 1900s the idea gained popularity in many countries, although people were not sure about what name to give the idea. The shade cloth is made from a type of stretched knitted fabric that is durable enough to avoid UV degradation.

Others are made using Polyvinyl chloride often referred to as just PVC. If you are opting for a more expensive solution that canvas is your best bet.
Because the demand for them has become so high, so has the number of varieties to choose from, that can fit in any space

What services do they offer besides installation?

Modern day purpose-made sails differ in size, shape, materials and even colour. The trend is also moving towards installing multiple sails at a time i.e. stacked on top of each other or overlapping. The important thing is to make sure they are stretched adequately enough to create tension, so as to retain their shape and purpose.

Due to various seasonal changes, it is inevitable that these sails will either suffer from wear and tear eventually or break. Companies that not only offer installation but also other services like repair, replacement and maintenance, would be a wise choice. There is no point in going to several different places to get different services. If you find one that has everything under one roof (excuse the pun) it will be a hassle-free and cost-effective option for you.