If even after a cleaning your house quickly becomes a mess, then it’s time to change something. Or, more precisely, to organize all the things with the help of storage systems and uncluttering.

How to Organize the Space of Your Home

What Is Space Organization

What associations do you have with the words “space organization”? Probably something boring, austere and totally uncomfortable. But think of IKEA, where interiors are decorated with taste and attention to detail: no unnecessary details, beautiful boxes, and neat containers arranged on shelves. It seems that every little thing is in its place, and nothing distracts you when you work, play casino online, or cook your dinner. And the organization of space – a set of solutions for the competent storage of things in the house – helps in this.

The profession of space organizer appeared in the U.S. in the late 20th century. And in 1983, in America, the first association of professional space organizers was created. The reason for the emergence of such specialists was the development of the consumer era. The new round of demand for the service came with the onset of the coronavirus pandemic: it was morally difficult for people to stay in a cluttered room for months. And if there was a large noisy family around, it was almost a disaster!

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Who Needs It

Often people confuse the organization of space and cleaning. In the first case, there is a global rethinking of space and work on it: the purchase of additional storage systems, and devices. All so that a week later the pants aren’t hanging on the chair, towels aren’t bulging in the living room in a prominent place, important papers were not forgotten on the windowsill, and shampoos and creams again migrated from the shelves on the edge of the bathroom. And only after the complete organization of space, it makes sense to carry out cleaning with the washing of windows, floors and plumbing.

The organization of space is useful to those who:

  • Want to turn their home into a “place of power”.
  • Don’t have enough storage space at home.
  • Are tired of “eternal” cleaning and want to restore order in a few minutes.
  • Cannot solve these problems independently.
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Basic Rules of Space Organization

  1. One of the main principles of cluttering is to separate things by category. Quite simply, socks with socks and books with books.
  2. Do one space at a time. That way you can save time and get things done without splashing out.
  3. Look for the cause of the clutter and try to fix it. Maybe you don’t have enough containers or shelves, or maybe you have too much stuff piled up that you don’t use.
  4. Get rid of unnecessary and obsolete – physically and mentally – things without regret. If you don’t want to get rid of things, “set” a deadline: if within six months of the year, you didn’t use it, it can be thrown out without pity.
  5. Arrange things on the principle – the stuff is where it’s most often used.
  6. Drawers and shelves with clothes no more than 90% full. This way things won’t crumple and it will be convenient to get them out.
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