One of the things that can immediately make your home look less boring is some unusual lighting fixtures. You can’t help but look up when you walk into a room and see a chandelier or an eye-catching lampshade. But many of the more exciting types of lighting seem far too expensive. Not many people can afford to buy a Murano glass chandelier that costs well over $2,000. But if you want to buy some cool lights for your home, there’s no need to remortgage your house to afford it. There are lots of ways you can make your lighting more beautiful and attractive without spending a fortune.

How to Get Beautiful Lighting for Cheap 

Do It Yourself

As with lots of things, you can save on pretty lighting by doing it yourself. You might not have to skill to craft a chandelier, but you can lamp covers and shades. You can recycle old objects and use lamps, strings of lights and other items to get create and make something unique. Some projects can be incredibly simple, such as just putting a LED light into a jar or bottle to create a quirky lamp for your coffee table. You could also take existing lampshades and make them more exciting, by cutting parts out or sticking things on. Or you could play with a string of fairy lights and some wire to create some beautiful shapes.

Look for Fun Light Bulbs

As well as playing with your lighting covers, you can also experiment with the bulbs. You don’t have to limit yourself to plain white or yellow bulbs when there are many different types that are much more original. Why not use an old-fashioned looking bulb with a large, visible filament, to give your home a warm and vintage feel? Or you could use coloured bulbs, mirrored bulbs or even ones that are shaped like candles. If you need some inspiration, you can click here to see a range of different lights that will give you some ideas.

Find Cheaper Alternatives

Sometimes we can hanker after something truly beautiful, but we’ll never be able to afford it in a million years. But these cases are when we can use the art of compromise to find something that might not be the real thing but is almost as good. What “designer knockoffs” lack in big names and high-class materials, they make up for in their price tags. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on modern pendant lamps when you can find something that’s much the same in IKEA. No one will ever know that you bought them for a fraction of the price of the real thing.

Focus on Accent and Mood Lighting

Often if you want to change your lighting, you need to install a big new fixture. This can be expensive, so avoiding is best if you’re on a tight budget. Instead, put your focus on table lamps and portable lights. You can do so much with a string of lights of a lantern, which you can hang or stand anywhere you want.

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