Whether you have just moved to a new house and are looking to put your own stamp on it or your home is in need of a refresh, it can be tricky to know just where to start. We’ve all been there, scrolling through endless home inspiration pictures in need of some interior design help but it can be difficult to replicate your favourite styles in your own home, especially where budget is concerned. From making small design tweaks to searching for ‘architects near me’ to carry out a unique extension to give you more space, here are our top tips.

How to Add a Unique Look to Your Home

Be at one with nature

As well as being a beautiful touch around the home, the addition of plants and greenery can be great for our mental wellbeing. Bringing in some of your favourite plants, whether that be large leafy greens or delicate flowers, can make a room appear much more complete and sophisticated, adding pops of colour and creating a desirable aesthetic for all styles. To take this one step further, patio doors leading onto an outdoor deck are an amazing way to enjoy the outdoors without leaving your home comforts. Whether you sip your morning coffee out in the garden, watch the children play or enjoy some relaxing yoga after work, make use of the fresh air in your outdoor space all year round.

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Let your personality run free

Nothing says home quite like being surrounded by your favourite things. Turn a house into a home by displaying your existing pieces in a more stylish manner; we love sticking to the rule of three and combining different sizes and designs to add contrast. Whether you are a minimalist opting for monochrome candles, prints and vases or love displaying souvenirs from your travels and family photos to show off your personality, find what works for you.

Add Personality To Your New Home With These Simple Tips
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Lighten up your life

The power of natural light is overlooked, brightening up your space to enhance your mood and allowing the sunlight to beam in. Open plan living is a great example of bright space, allowing the natural light to seep in all throughout the day and make space appear larger than separate rooms. A conservatory is another way to make the most of the sunlight all year round, enjoying the rays of sunshine whilst overlooking the outside without having to even leave the comfort of your home. If your budget is not allowing you to maximise the natural light, try bringing in some warm lamps to set the ambience of the room and leave you with cosy lighting at the flick of a switch.

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Find your happy place

In every home, there is always a spot or two that each of us is particularly drawn to. Whether it’s your favourite spot on the sofa or a corner of the garden which is filled with sunshine, creating a ‘me’ space to enjoy when we need time to ourselves is a must. We have seen some amazing examples of conversions that have created new living spaces from unused areas such as the loft or the basement.

Find Your Happy Place!
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