This winter, renters in the UK will have their terms and their leases defined somewhat by the coronavirus crisis that has engulfed the world in the past few months. Not only should you be taking advantage of lower rents — down by 20% in some areas — but you should ensure that you’re living within your means, especially in a time when job security is regarded as poorer than usual. In this short guide, you’ll learn tips for renting a new property in London or around the UK in this most unusual of winters.

Four Tips for Renters in Winter 2020

Lower Prices

First and foremost, you should be able to take advantage of incredibly low rents if you’re moving to a new property this year. With the pandemic forcing millions out of their jobs, or onto worse contracts than they previously had, the renters’ market is now awash with people looking for cheaper properties, who simply cannot afford the rents on larger and better homes. This is a huge bonus for savvy renters looking for a reduction in prices over this winter.

Lease Length

If you’re one of the millions of people in the UK who are currently concerned about the security of their job, you should consider taking a short-term lease on the home that you rent. Again, this is something that you can specify on the property websites that you’re scouring, which will take some time out of your house search. With a short-term lease and a one-month moving-out notice period, you can be confident that if you do lose your job, and you’re unable to earn for a month or two, you’ll not be tied into a costly long-term contract that you cannot fulfil.


With COVID-19 still circulating in society, and more and more people attempting to shield or avoid catching the virus in this state of inertia that the UK is experiencing in the months before the availability of a vaccine, it’s important that you’re able to get around without putting yourself at risk. This might mean living within walking distance of shops, your place of work, and your friends’ homes. Or it might mean buying a bike to keep in your rental property, which you’ll ride instead of using public transport.

Cold and Wet

With winter in the UK defined by the cold and the wet, it’s important that any rental property that you’re looking to take on has adequate heating and insulation. No one wants to be shivering in their room as they work from home this winter and warmth and comfort are going to be especially important if and when we enter a new phase of lockdown and restrictions. Be careful with your overall health by always selecting a property in which you can stay warm, dry, and safe for the winter months. If you find moving out a challenge, you can Order Fuel Online and get it delivered to your doorstep. Just make sure you rely on a trusted name!

These four tips are essential for all would-be renters in the UK in these strange times.