Taking the time to make your home unique is rewarding. Creating an environment in which you can relax on a day to day basis will make you feel comfortable. Let’s start with the living room. What atmosphere are you trying to create in there? Many people find that their living space feels sterile and boring. Without personal touches and accent pieces, your living room will lack character. A few simple touches to space can make a world of difference. Here are six essential decor pieces for your living room.

6 Essential Decor Pieces For Your Living Room

1. Glass Furniture

Glass furniture is huge right now, and so looks contemporary in modern living spaces. If you are brave, you might want to add in some glass chairs or a glass bookcase. An easy way to incorporate the trend into your home is by getting a glass coffee table or dining table. These additions to your living area will make your home look sleek. When you have glass furniture, your room looks larger than it is as well.

2. Art Deco Lampshades

Add a little art into your life with some chic Art Deco lampshades. You can buy some original pieces online for a small price. Remember, when you are buying Art Deco-inspired pieces, you need to look for quality retailers. Many cheap department stores make bargain lampshades, but you want something of quality. When you buy an accent piece such as a lampshade, you want it to last. Look for colours that compliment your current decor. Dark green and blue are prominent colours in the genre, and so these might work well in your home.

3. Massive Canvas Prints

If there is one thing that truly stands out in the home, it is wall art. Don’t be frugal when it comes to decorating your walls. You have a huge blank space, and you can put anything you like on it. You have a chance to express yourself with the wall art that you choose. If you want to choose a piece of art print or a family photo for your wall, tapestry, posters are an easy option. You can send a company the picture you want and have them blow it up so that it is a huge masterpiece.

4. African Rugs

African style rugs are always a huge hit in modern homes. Animal skin rugs are the epitome of style, but they are not to everyone’s taste. If you want a rug that is more animal-friendly, you can get some wonderful print rugs that look just as nice as the real deal. When you are choosing a rug, you should make sure that it fits your room. As a general rule, a rug should take up around a fifth of your floor space.

5. Elegant Fireguards

If you have an open fire, you must get a fireguard to protect yourself. The guard doesn’t have to be ugly; it can be an accent piece in itself. If you have already invested in an Art Deco lampshade, you might want to consider getting a matching fireguard. You can get some beautiful glass pieces for your home. Ask your retailer to see whether the lampshade and guard come as a set, and you might get a great deal.

6. Contemporary Bookcases

No home is complete without a bookcase. If you don’t have a bookcase in your house, now is the time to get one. There are many contemporary bookcase designs you might consider. If you need help choosing, you should always get tall bookcases. Working with the height of your room will create the illusion that there is space in your living area.