The UK’s first zero waste to landfill-certified bedding manufacturer, EarthKind, is urging people to use their purchasing power for good on Saturday 18th March 2023 – Global Recycling Day.

Dedicated to creating a better tomorrow, the sustainable bedding brand, made by leading bedding expert John Cotton, wants consumers to buy products that are good for the planet. It also wishes to quash any misconceptions that opting for recycled/sustainable products means compromising on quality.

EarthKind calls for sustainable purchasing this Global Recycling Day

Established in 2018, Global Recycling Day challenges us to think about what we throw away and see, not waste, but an opportunity. It is a day for the world to come together and put the planet first.

Neil McMillan, New Product Development Director at John Cotton Group, said: “Global Recycling Day was created to help recognise and celebrate the importance recycling plays in preserving primary resources and securing the future of our planet.

“Recent innovation across multiple industries has meant customers can now easily buy recycled/sustainable products that don’t compromise quality.

“With this in mind, we’re asking people to make a considered approach to purchasing recycled/ sustainable products and make certain these products are genuinely creating positive change for the future of the planet”.

EarthKind calls for sustainable purchasing this Global Recycling Day

EarthKind produces down feather and synthetic bedding made from 100% recycled, premium natural fillings in a factory that has zero waste for landfill. Even the product packaging is made sustainably. Produced with multiple ends uses in mind, it can be used as a sports bag, laundry bag or storage.

A pioneer of sustainability, for more than 100 years the John Cotton Group has been recycling garments and textile waste, by manufacturing waste into new products, currently equating to in excess of 200 tonnes per week.

Across the John Cotton Group family of companies, including EarthKind, the equivalent of 1.7 billion plastic bottles are diverted from oceans and landfills. In addition, offcuts produced during the manufacture of home textile products are also recycled, equating to roughly 16 tonnes a week.

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Neil added: “At EarthKind we’re working hard to transform the way bedding products are produced and recycled, but even small everyday changes to the way we buy and consume products can have a significant impact on our planet’s future.”

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