Almost all of us know that double glazing would be better than single glazing. That this is so, no one will doubt. But why is double glazing better, and how was it discovered?

Double glazing benefits

How was double glazing discovered?

Glass has been around for a few thousand years. However, double glazing is only a fairly recent development. In the 1930s, it was discovered that when two panes of glass were placed one behind the other, the insulation was greatly improved. There were fewer draughts and the rooms were much easier to heat and keep warm. In short: an enormously useful invention. In the years that followed, double glazing became more and more popular; in the 1950s most newly built houses were already fitted with double glazing. Nowadays, homeowners that don’t have double glazing are looking for companies that offer the Best Secondary Glazing in London and other areas to fit them!

However, there are still many buildings where single glass can be found. Think of monuments with stained glass (situations where double glazing is less obvious) but there are also many homes where double glazing could be applied but for some reason, it is not done. For this reason, we have listed the advantages of double glazing over single glazing.

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Advantages of double glazing over single glazing

The main advantage of double glazing is that the windows consist of two sheets instead of one. This sounds obvious, and in fact, it is, but all the advantages can be traced back to this.

  1. Foremost, double glazing increases the insulation of the house. Heat tends to move from a warm space to a cold one. So, the heat in the house wants to go outside. As a resident, of course, you don’t want that; after all, you’re heating for nothing. All the heat that leaves has to be compensated for by prolonged heating by the central heating boiler. In short: heat loss costs money, and by reducing this heat loss with increased insulation, you can save on your energy bill.
  2. Another advantage is that it becomes more comfortable indoors. Because less heat leaks out, the heat remains better distributed in the house. Where single glazing often makes the windows cold, double glazing does not. The temperature in the room remains more constant than with single glazing and therefore it is more pleasant to be in the house. You can also prevent draughts, which again increases the comfort in the room.
  3. Thirdly, double glazing prevents the windows from misting up quickly. With single glazing, condensation quickly forms on the windows, something that does not look nice but also increases the humidity in the house. This can also cause draughts.
  4. Double glazing is not only a good way to insulate better to keep heat in, but also to keep nasty things out, right! Noise nuisance for example; if you live in a busy neighbourhood, residential area, or a city, you certainly aren’t doing yourself any favours with double glazing either. Noise pollution is significantly less with double-glazed windows, as you will probably understand.
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