Kid’s Room

Photo Credit: Room to Grow
Many parents are faced with the problem of furnishing small-scaled kids’ rooms. The littlest members of the family are usually given the littlest rooms but still have a whole host of toys and games to store away, as well as needing allocated areas for homework or crafts, depending on their age, and then there comes the inevitable sleepovers that present a whole new set of space issues!

1. Choose a soothing wall color, like lavender, that gives a room an ease-into-sleep feel.

2. Chalkboard paint makes a fun, interactive backdrop for any bedroom. Note the re-purposed school lockers, used here to store gear of all sorts.
3. Unify a dual-function room with a simple, relaxing color scheme. A dresser can work as both a changing table and storage for office supplies.
4. Create a warm place for your shared reading time: a bookcase stocked with favorites, good lighting, and cuddle-worthy seating.
5. String wire from wall to wall for a smart, inexpensive way to showcase your child’s masterpieces.
6. Carve out a play area with plenty of materials to spark imagination, like clothing items for dress-up.
7. If possible, give kids their own “office” space, too, a discrete area where they can do homework.
8. Stock storage boxes with all the supplies your children would need for arts-and-crafts or school projects: poster board, construction paper, markers, crayons, glue, etc.
9. Exploit all opportunities for storage, like a bed with built-in boxes and pull-out bins. Even the step stool has a secret stash.
10. Think off-the-grid when it comes to a wall-mounted coat-rack, which works well as a hanger for art supplies, play gear, and, yes, coats.