What’s that colour? How do you find out fast? Use the ColorReader to measure the colour and get your answer. Doesn’t matter which paint brand. With the ColorReader, you can focus on getting the job done fast and right.

Whether it is paint or an everyday object that inspires you, the ColorReader helps to realise every detail of your design concept with more accurate colour identification to better express your vision and impress clients. With the easy to use the mobile app, find the best colours to complement your design choices and bring the project to life faster than ever before. This will quickly become your go-to portable colour tool for deciding on colours, experimenting with palettes, and saving time and money.

Datacolor has had a passion for more than 45 years for precision colour and now has a new handheld automated colour matching tool: ColorReader.

The product allows you to find a palette of complementary colours which will let you play around, compare and contrast different styles and types of colour. It’s a great gadget which simply identifies the colour and saves it for future reference.

The ColorReader has recently been covered in the Financial Times’ How We Spend It Magazine as a ‘dead-eye device for paint colour matching’.

  • Fast and portable – Bluetooth connected colour selection device used to match anything that inspires you or your clients to paint colour in just seconds.
  • Money saver – save time and money with the best first shot match success rate of greater than 94%.
  • Easy match – match multi-brand colour collections, Coordinate colour schemes and share custom colour palettes.
  • Connect to your phone – our mobile App allows you to work on the go and see immediate results. The app comes loaded with paint colours of Ace, Behr, Benjamin Moore, Cloverdale, colour is Dryvit, Farrow & ball, Kelly-Moore, ml Campbell, RAL, ppg, Sherwin Williams, true value, Valspar and more.
  • Professional quality – designed for professional contractors, designers, decorators, architects, facility managers, and DIYers. This is a must-have tool for professional results.