How to create a Pinterest Worthy Bathroom

It’s safe to say that the most functional, most used room in the house often gets overlooked in the design stakes. Bathrooms can be cold and uninviting spaces when they are unloved but it doesn’t take much to turn them into an ultra-chic, luxury space that provides you with exhilaration in the morning and relaxation at night.

The difference that a few simple touches can make is phenomenal, and it’s much easier than you think to turn your fitted bathroom into a room that you truly love with a sky high price tag; follow our guide below on how to create a space that you are proud of.


Never underestimate the impact of some greenery– A potted plant can change the whole feel of a bathroom. Often a stark white room, plants in the bathroom can add a much needed dose of colour. Plants are renowned for the calming effect that they have on stress and anxiety, so being able to stare at something beautiful, like an orchid while you brush your teeth will give you a fresh perspective.

If you don’t have the best reputation when it comes to your plants lifespan, you can redeem yourself here- seeing the plant everyday will remind you to water it – they also thrive on ‘grey’ water from baths so you can give yourself some eco points here too.


While photos, pictures and paintings all adorn the walls of many rooms in the house, the bathroom is often void of our personal touches. But where better than to appreciate and reflect on the treasures and memories that we have collected throughout our lives than a hot decadent bath? As well as photos of family and friends, opt for art work that includes inspirational quotes and sculptures that can be hung.

Don’t be concerned about the humidity damaging the pieces you’ve chosen; glass serves well to protect anything encased behind it and most canvases are printed on textured vinyl which will remain unaffected by the atmosphere in the room.


Mirrors are a design element that you will find in almost every bathroom, while they are usually placed there on a purely functional level for daily grooming, but clever use of mirrors can actually give the illusion that a room is much more light and spacious than it actually is.

Mirrors with statement frames can serve 2 purposes; they work to direct the light in the room, but also they can add to the aforementioned ‘art’ angle. Creating a gallery wall of mismatching mirrors is a stunning design piece in any room.


We are all guilty of leaving half used bottles of shower gel and shampoo cluttering the edge of our baths, but so many beauty and bathing products on the market come in packaging that would take pride of place in any luxury home or lifestyle publication.

These elegant jars and pots can remain on your shelves long after the product that they house has gone, by decanting less expensive products into them, using them as tea light holders or to place beauty tools such as cotton wool and make up brushes.