Many people are looking for usable outside space. However, most of us don’t have the time or the physical ability to maintain it. Gardens tend to be getting smaller and smaller for newly built properties. It’s important to maximise the space without creating more work for ourselves.

Property frontage is also getting smaller. We have more cars per household to accommodate, too. So how can you create attractive, functional spaces without all the hassle of gardening maintenance?

Finding off-road parking is tough when you have multiple vehicles. Can you create enough drive space at the front of your property? It can be a challenge unless you sacrifice your front garden. Paving the garden could provide you with the hard standing you need. You can use a reputable paver to create attractive patterns in the brickwork or stones used. Gravel may be cheaper, but it has fallen out of favour in recent years.

You can install window boxes under the front windows to add some fresh colour to the front of the house. Planters, troughs and hanging baskets are easy ways to bring flowers and plants back to a paved area. Even shrubs can be planted in moveable containers. Use different sizes and heights to create structure and form. A substantial yet attractive driveway can be more appealing to potential buyers too.

Making Your Home More Attractive To Buyers

At the back of your house, you may have a lawn and some planting. Pests like slugs and snails can be hard to manage, and the lawn could require weekly mowing. Paving or decking the area provides you a flat area in the garden. This could help to make it far more usable for the family.

Artificial grass is very popular with families with small children. It looks real and feels soft. It also won’t get muddy after rain or attract insects.

Fencing is difficult to maintain. Wood in the garden can weather badly. It requires regular treatment and painting. Storms can easily knock panels down causing them to break and need replacing.

Fences made from other materials like Colourfence panels will not require maintenance for many years. You can also install maintenance-free gates and railings to secure the perimeter.

Some galvanised patio furniture and gazebos can stay out in the garden in most weather conditions. This saves you the hassle of dismantling it and putting it away each time it rains. If you require planting in your garden, troughs and planters can make it easier to maintain. They can be moved and placed where you like to enhance your view and maximise your space.

Sometimes it can be worth the spend of hiring a gardener to help you with everyday garden maintenance. Perhaps you don’t want to go to the expense of hiring people. You can create a maintenance-free garden with just a few simple changes.

Property values can be increased if you provide adequate driveway space with granite paving, sandstone paving, porcelain paving and or stone cladding. An attractive, no-hassle garden can also add value to your home. You might even consider extending your home into the garden if you don’t need as much outdoor space.