When you are looking to improve the security of your home, you should focus on two areas: the windows and the doors.

Doors are the main access point for many burglars, as they do not require breaking as windows do, and they also allow someone to slip into your home undetected, who enters a home legitimately through a window?

In any case, there are some ways you can upgrade the security of your home via the doors without sacrificing style or contemporary design ideas.  

Combining Security and Style A Guide To Door Accessories That You Should Invest In

Door Closers

A hidden and subtle piece of tech to keep your home safe, door closers are the perfect addition to any home to keep intruders out. Rather than having to rely on your body weight to close the door if someone is trying to get in, these additions use mechanical force to close the door, allowing you to lock it and call authorities if needed. They are easy to fit and can be found on websites like doorcontrolsdirect.co.uk.

Smart Door Locks

Speaking of sleek and minimalist designs, there are a range of smart door locks that can enhance the security of your home, while also being convenient to install. You can control them from your smartphone app, and they usually come with features such as keyless entry, access codes, and activity logs, to help keep your home secure.

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Decorative Door Chains

You can get decorative door chains? Of course you can! 

Called ornate door chains, these come in a range of styles that you can perfectly match to your home’s interior, from gothic matte black designs all the way to clear, hardy plastic ones. This will allow you to protect your home without needing to succumb to the traditional rattling metal chain. Just make sure that the door that the chain is attached to is solid wood, as this will add extra security once it has been fitted; hollow doors are easier to break and could render the chain useless.


If you don’t have the money to invest in a smart door lock or a Ring doorbell camera, then it can be worth looking into investing in a peephole.

Historically, peepholes have given the person looking through them an almost fishbowl view of the person standing outside, which could create an issue with identification. Thanks to advances in technology, you can now invest in a peephole that has a wide-angle lens or even a digital display. You may even be able to have an option fitted that doesn’t have the circular three-dimensional glass view in the door. So, aim to choose one that will complement your door’s design and add a touch of intrigue to your home’s aesthetic, whilst also providing a clear view of who is standing outside your door during both the day and the night. With digital options, you can even get night vision peepholes!

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Motion Activated Lights

Motion-activated lights are not attached to the door but once installed near your door, they can enhance security by brightening the area when somebody approaches. This will help with providing visibility and enhancing safety for you, your family, and your guests. Of course, they don’t have to look like they’re straight out of an action movie! In 2024, there are many contemporary and even stylish designs for motion-activated lights, which can allow them to blend in with new homes’ external aesthetic and add a touch of class at the same time.