History is a huge part of what makes the country what it is today. Philadelphia has played a key role in the creation of America, and so this city is littered with countless landscapes and attractions that make it easy to admire this incredible city.

These are the top landscapes and historic stops to check out while you’re in town and why they matter!

Catching the Local History in Philadelphia

Liberty Bell

There are few parts of American history as iconic as the Liberty Bell. From its crack that runs up its side to the writing on it, this bell has been telling the story of American independence for over two hundred years.  

Although this bell won’t move, since it weighs over 2,000 pounds, you can take pictures of yourself with it to carry with you everywhere. Anyone would recognize this bel on sight, so selfies are a must!  

Betsy Ross House

Although you won’t see this among the Philadelphia houses for sale in the city: it’s a property you should absolutely visit! Betsy Ross is the woman who sewed the original American Flag, creating a piece of iconography that’s recognized by the entire world, and is as much a part of the USA as the people who live here.  

This home walks you through the history of the creation of that flag, how it compares to the modern flag, and what life would have been like for her back then. Make this stop if you’re ready to be stunned for the entire tour.  

Elfreth’s Alley Museum

Dating back to 1703, this street is one of the most iconic in American history. Over thirty houses on this street were built over 200 years ago and are a national landmark. The museum, located at #124 and #126, walks you through the history of this alley. Not only do you get to learn about the people who lived here, but you also learn about those who built it and what life was like for all of them.  

Independence Hall

Home to where independence and the constitution were debated and adopted by the founding fathers, Independence Hall is an important stop for any history buff. Constructed between 1732 and 1753, this call is nearly 300 years old and holds a lot of historical significance.  

Edgar Allan Poe National Historic Site

Despite the fact that so many Americans seem to be convinced that Edgar Allan Poe was British, he was born and raised in the United States. This historic site is a preserved home that he once rented. He has rented many different properties throughout his life; this is simply the last one that survives.

Here you can take a walk through his life and get to learn about what it was like for a writer back then and how people reacted to his spooky stories. Poe led a tragic life and died just as tragically, so it’s an important story to learn. 

Philadelphia Helped Build a Country

Philadelphia is one of the most incredible cities in the nation. If you’re ready to learn what sets it apart from the rest, consider visiting some of these locations.  

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