Winter is coming near. You have probably started using the heating system in your home. You don’t get to go out that much. People like to stay indoors for such wet and gloomy weathers. This is the perfect time for damp which is a common problem in most houses. So, you have to find some solution to deal with it. You have to be prepared in advance for times like these. It isn’t too late to think about proofing your home.

If you are wondering how to do this, don’t worry. You can do some of the things all by yourself. You can put up wall injections, plasterboards and such. You have to do whatever you can to fight the nasty weather. If you aren’t willing to do this yourself, find someone to do it. But you should be prepared. The cost varies. Still, it’s going to be a big investment. You can read more about this here.

Damp Proofing Companies Cumbria

What does damp look like?

Many homes have this problem. It’s not shameful to admit this. You may notice some leaks. If that’s the case you have to check your pipes. If you don’t deal with it, this could cause you bigger issues. You don’t want to leave it for another time. Deal with this as soon as you can. If it’s untreated, mould will come out. Then, you will get mites and maybe even some infections. So, it is actually worse than you think.

Damp is usually a result of condensation. If you see some spots on your walls, prepare yourself for the worst. They often spread quickly. So, you have to react quickly, too. This can cause damage to your walls, furniture and wallpaper. Everything you’ve put in your home is in danger of rotting completely. Don’t let this happen. Don’t let your investment go to waste.

What are the common causes?

In order for you to deal with this issue, you have to know what is causing it. Then, you can deal with it. You could contact Davidsons DPR. You should know that many factors can make this happen. You may have too much condensation and too little ventilation. Most commonly, there isn’t one single cause. Damp is a result of many things combined. So, you have a bigger problem than you think. You have to deal with them one by one.

Trapped heat

It’s understandable that you keep your windows closed, especially in nasty weather. But ventilation is crucial. The heat gets trapped inside if you don’t ventilate often. It starts to build up and you get mould. You can decrease the issue if you just open your windows at least once per day. It is a simple solution really. You may be put off by the cold. But, just think of all the benefits.


In the harsh coldness of winter, you probably like to get soaked in a hot bath. You aren’t the only one. Many people like to do this. It’s like a sauna when you get out of the shower. What you don’t understand is that you build up damp like this. So, after a shower, you have to open up your windows. Open your doors as well. Get the air out. You should check out this link to see how to deal with mould.

Invest in damp proofing

There are several methods to do this. You have to see which one you like. You have to make a barrier to prevent the mould from getting into your walls. Some households like to put paint – on. Others go to extremes to put ceramic tubes into the walls. But, you have to choose the option which demands less trouble and less construction.

You do not want to do this the hard way. You could look up online to see the costs. You should be prepared to hear the amount. The best way to go about this is to handle this before moving in. new houses already come with proper insulation. So, you won’t have to do anything. You could even look for such a house. Remember, if you notice mould, handle it as soon as you can.