Life can be strange sometimes, we think we have everything under control and it all seems to be smooth sailing till suddenly it’s not. The unfair element is those horrible things happen, unfortunately too good people, and as I wake up each morning, I count my blessings and grateful that I’ve been given another day to achieve the tasks I’d set out to do.

My friend recently got dumped by her fiancé and to make matters worse, they have a home they bought together and are now trying to sell fast to be out of each other’s hair. They initially had not given the thought to have it taken off their hands for cash, but as time has ticked on and the situation becomes strained, this became a great option to have the process be done with and they could move on with their lives.

She had no idea where to begin, and to be honest, neither did I, so we sat down together with a cup of tea and some biscuits and began our research and homework for a strategy. We realized that there are many companies that can help and get the house sold in no time. You can read more about their buying process here, and see what features would work best for you.

You would be surprised at the number of similar situations there are, most are kept hush as to who wants to advertise the breakdown of their relationship, but you can have peace of mind in knowing you are not alone in this position.

We Buy Houses Company

What to look for when choosing a home buying company.

The most natural option would be to look for companies within the local area that are well-versed in pricings, they are aware of amenities within the area and can come to the house to have a chat and evaluation of sorts within reasonable appointment times and dates. No need to schedule for weeks in advance.

With the businesses being nearby, it also gives you the chance to visit their offices to get an impression of how the firm is run and conducts itself and then also its staff. If they are friendly and welcoming you will feel at ease and be comfortable with them handling the sale of your home.

A company will have a website with satisfied customer reviews if they are a legitimate firm, and will have no issue advertising these, browse the sites of the companies you have as options and get a feel for their reputation and customer service handling. Try to get a few quotes from various companies and then you can compare the pros and cons of each and who can offer the best options.

You want the one that offers the most amount of money at the end of it all, but also weigh it up against the time frame and deadline if you are tight on availability. Check out this quick video with tips on how to talk to people buying your home.

If time is not an issue, don’t rush into the first offer you receive just because you want to be done with it. Take some time, do your homework, ask around for recommendations from family and friends and make a calculated decision based financially rather than emotionally.

5 Benefits of selling your home for cash.

  • Quick. Most cash buyers are ready to go and have no need to go through the long, drawn-out process of a mortgage application and approval, they can have the papers signed quickly and the whole operation can be smoothly completed within 2weeks. Soon you’ll be driving through the desert in your sports car with not a care in the world.
  • Fixing and repairs. Simply put, there’s no need. Your home does what it says on the tin essentially, and cash buyers are aware of this.
  • No fees. Many estate agents work solely on commission meaning that for them to list your home and advertise it on their company website, they are taking a big chunk out of money that would on any other day be yours, why give them that satisfaction?
  • Guarantee. With no boxes to tick off or requirements to meet to make the sale go through, i.e. repairs or clever staging, you have the stress-free notion that the deal will be done and you both go your separate ways happy.
  • Inheritance. This is a problem I’d like to have, so your distant uncle who happens to have liked you enough to leave your property has passed away, the issue is that the house is in a different country. Selling the home for cash is not only less stressful but lets you get on with your 9-5 and daily life quicker.

For some, what I’m assuming is much-needed advice, as it can certainly become overwhelming dealing with something like a sale of a house especially if you’ve just received some unfortunate news regarding the property, click this link for an interesting read on how to get through the process in the best way possible.

Cash offer.

If you are pumping money into the house to keep it afloat, it seems to require never-ending maintenance and it is becoming more of a burden that something you want to hand down to the kids, it may be time to consider selling and letting go of that cash offer you received a while ago.

You could take that lump sum and downsize, purchasing perhaps a smaller more manageable property that could be of a more recent build and not needing any repairs anytime soon. Life is to be enjoyed, spending time at home with the family is priceless and not always guaranteed so we need to make the most of it while it’s here.

Make memories in a home – kids will reminisce about when they grow up, one that they can bring your grandchildren to and start new height markings on the pantry wall alongside your children’s landmark growth spurts.

After all is life not made up of all the little things?