• With spring finally here, Wren Kitchens has compiled some interior styling tips to get your kitchen in line with the warmer season
  • From green hues to a Scandi style, there is something to suit everyone’s taste

Searches for ‘kitchen design ideas 2022’ have risen 250% in the last 30 days[1][1]. With spring being the season for new beginnings, a quick home décor change is the perfect solution for anyone looking to refresh their homes.

Whether you’re planning to redecorate your kitchen entirely or simply looking to add a few accessories to brighten your home up, Wren Kitchens has highlighted the most popular kitchen design trends of the season.

Add a touch of spring to your kitchen

The Scandi Way

A rising trend within kitchen décor over the past year is the Scandi style. Its neutral colour scheme and mix of textures make it a great aesthetic for every kitchen.

  • Add neutral tones: Accessorising with some natural tones in the Nordic style will help to bring a sense of calm into your kitchen. For example, restyling your table with neutral linens, stone vases or rustic runners will create an understated nod to the trend. If you opt to take your refresh one step further, adding a feature wall with pale woods such as ash or beech will create the perfect foundation to build your Scandi haven.
  • Whitewashed walls and clean lines: If you’re looking to redesign your kitchen in the Scandi style, opt for whitewashed walls and clean lines such as Wren’s contemporary Ultra or Contour ranges combined with textured natural colours such as Harvest or Scandi Oak. For the worktops, Xena Quartz adds natural luxe vibes, especially with the dramatic lines of the Bellagio finish. Add a matching splashback to create a modernist, clean look.
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Bring the outside in

As we move into the warmer months of the year, many look to bring a touch of nature into their homes. Some botanical themed additions to your otherwise neutral kitchen will create a pop of colour and a feature piece to wow your guests. This can be achieved with an easy-to-care-for succulent such as Aloe Vera or a Jade plant for those greener fingered. You could also create a feature wall with a botanical printed wallpaper.

  • Utilise natural light: Another great way of bringing the outside in is to utilise your natural light. Ensure that your kitchen layout is focused on the natural light as much as possible. For example, shift around your furniture so you can enjoy a meal bathed in the bright light of a spring morning.
  • Clear away clutter: A great way to open up your windows is by opting for blinds as opposed to curtains as they take up less space when and allow more light to come in. Additionally, clear away the clutter on your windowsill which may be obstructing light. Placing reflective appliances, mirrored splashbacks or sparkly worktops near your windows may also help the natural light bounce around your kitchen.
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Restyle your surfaces

For an easy spring-ready makeover, declutter your worktops, wipe everything down and start with a blank canvas. Now, have a think about what aesthetic you want to replicate and begin restyling your worktops, windowsills, shelving, and table.

  • Accessorise: Whether it’s to have some pampas grass in a feature vase or to have some plants growing on the windowsill, the options are endless. Additionally, adding some cookbooks from charity or thrift shops which match your colour scheme will add masses of character to the space. Don’t forget to renew your upholstery items such as throws, cushions and table linens to offer a fresh new look.

It is a great way of completely upgrading your kitchen space without spending a fortune!

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