Have you just purchased your first house and are looking for ways to make it your dream home? Maybe you are a nature lover looking to make a rented apartment feel more like your own. Or perhaps you just want to transform a specific room in your property to sit, relax and feel more at one with your senses?

There are many ways we can seamlessly blend that bright, airy, and uplifting outdoor feeling into our homes to provide that much-needed escape from the chaos of everyday life. From buying one too many house plants, decorating with earthy tones and nude wall ort and opting for more natural materials, there are various tips and tricks for bringing more of the outdoors inside. Whether your new nature-inspired space is where you go for your morning coffee, to host friends and family or to curl up under a blanket after a long day at work – this guide will help you infuse your room with the very best of nature.

A guide to bring a glimpse of nature into your home


Simple yet effective! Houseplants will be the first step you take in initiating more of an outdoor feel into your home. Thankfully, there are many plants available for this, so no matter whether you are a pro at keeping these green leafy friends alive or you forget to water them within your busy schedule, there will be a type of plant perfect for you. From resilient succulents and snake plants to broad-leafed tropical Calathea and fiddle-leaf fig trees, the options are vast. To add an aesthetic appeal that ties in with the room’s interior style, opt for placing your new plant pals in stylish yet suitable planters. Ensure the plant pots you choose are big enough for your plants to thrive! Remember that plants don’t need to be placed in just one room; try incorporating plants in multiple spaces throughout your home; not only will they add a visual appeal, but they also improve air quality, contributing to a healthier living environment.

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Earthy Colour Palette

When decorating your home, choosing the right colour scheme is key, as this affects not only the ambience and look of the space but your mood, too. If you wish to have a home that reminds you of the outdoors, earthy tones, including muted greens, deep browns and pale blues, can do just that. These colours are great for initiating a sense of calm for better relaxation. When incorporating these tones into your space, you could use them in many spots for various effects. From statement walls with paint and wallpaper, opting for a more daring sofa colour or adding hints here and there with decorative pieces and textiles, there are endless options to create a cohesive and nature-inspired home with earthy tones.

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Nature-Inspired Art Decor

Dress your walls with botanical prints, wildlife photography and lush landscapes. Adorning those blank spaces on your walls with framed pieces will provide an instant uplift and connection to the outdoors. You may create a cohesive, modern gallery wall with imagery of your favourite outdoor spots and nude abstract art or add a few framed, statement pieces above furniture for something a little more classic. However you hang them, artwork, paintings, and prints are a brilliant and cost-effective way to elevate the home with this outdoor theme.

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A Matching Scent

Not only should we consider the way our home looks, we should think about how to tie in our other senses. Engage your sense of smell by incorporating natural scents into your space. With the likes of lavender and sandalwood-scented essential oils, candles with Nordic and pine fragrances or freshly cut flowers, we can contribute to the aesthetic and feel of your room. These uplifting, cosy and welcoming scents mimic those of the great outdoors.

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Natural Materials

When adding furniture and decor to your nature-inspired space, opt for pieces designed with natural materials. For example, a bamboo bedrame, an oak dresser or a stone side table. Elements of wood, bamboo and stone add an organic touch, enhancing the overall outdoor ambience you are trying to create. Wooden furniture, in particular, be that larger, timeless pieces or simple frames for your artwork and photos, can bring warmth and character to the room.

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Make The Most Of The Light

Finally, maximise the natural light available in the room; this will help create an open, light, and inviting atmosphere. There are a few methods we can take to boost this natural light, including keeping your windows unobstructed, using sheer curtains, and strategically placing mirrors around the room to reflect the sunlight. Open spaces promote a closer connection to the outdoors, making your home feel more peaceful and ambient.

Transforming your home into this outdoor haven doesn’t have to require large expenses and a lot of time. By thoughtfully integrating natural elements, the right colours and calming scents, you can create a space that exudes tranquillity and offers a welcoming retreat just like the outside world. Embrace the outdoors aesthetic with confidence and create a house you are proud to call home.

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