As we spent more time indoors the last couple of years, we’ve realised just how important home comforts are to us. Data from the NPD Group shows sales of home fragrances have increased by 37% since 2020.

Interiors Expert reveals everything you need to know about Home Fragrance

Stephanie Goldstone has over 20 years of experience as an Interiors and Home Expert and Guru and is lending her expertise to The Fragrance Shop‘s newest Home Fragrances collection. Stephanie says, “During the pandemic, consumers turned to self-care to improve their wellbeing, utilising home fragrances and scents to create a calming ambience whilst at home so often.”

Below Stephanie gives her best tips and tricks on ‘Fragrance Zoning’, choosing the correct scents for different occasions, and the interior trends of the summer…

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“‘Fragrance-zoning’, or ‘scent-scaping’, is a way of using different fragrances to divide your house and your day up. This is especially helpful if you’re still working from home, as it helps you create a start and an end to your workday. You can use different fragrances to help you unwind and relax on the couch, motivational scents to get you focused for work, making dinner, having a bath… the list is endless!

For those still working from home, use ginger and citrus notes as these are invigorating and can keep you alert. My picks are Ecoya Blood Orange Candle (£18), Max Benjamin Lemongrass & Ginger Fragrance Diffuser (£32), and La Montana Valencia Oranges Room Spray (£32) – these are also great to use in the kitchen to banish any lingering food odours.

Soft lavender and juniper are associated with winding down so this is great to incorporate into your night-time routine, whether this is in your bathroom or bedroom. My picks are Mer-Sea Coaster Candle Fog (£59), Max Benjamin Dodici Fragrance Diffuser (£32), and La Montana Room Spray Siesta (£32).”



“For dinner parties and entertaining big groups, keep diffusers in hallways for arrival. Fragrances like tuberose, and ouds, are head-turning, conversation-starting scents. My top picks are Ilapothecary Good Vibes Reed (£48), Johnson & White New York Diffuser (£75), Stoneglow Urban Botanics Agarwood & Tuberosa Reed Diffuser (£44).

For a romantic date night, intoxicating fig is the winner. My top picks are Stoneglow Modern Classics Green Fig & Cedar Candle (£20), and La Montana Fig Grove Reed Diffuser (£35).

For Summer parties opt for garden notes of geranium, gardenia, and a favourite of mine, Rose. These are all comforting and offer a bright atmosphere to a summer party. My top picks are Stoneglow Pink Modern Classica Pink Peony & Gardenia Candle (£20), Lollia Always in Rose Perfumed Reed Diffuser (£59), La Montana Room Spray Sacred Roses (£32).”

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“Move over Cottagecore, it’s all about Coastalcore this summer. After being cooped up indoors through lockdowns, we’re opting for more light and airy seating, that is inviting but also opens up the room, combined with comfortable side tables to hold your drink or your favourite candle. Colour-wise, we’re seeing pale blues, stripes, and beach looks trending as they’re relaxing, breezy, and remind us of holidays and sunshine.”

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